Why Use Pinterest for Your Business?

Elizabeth Reyn
Why Use Pinterest for Your Business?

Imagine going into an office for the first time, either for an interview or to meet a prospective business partner. Posters and knick-knacks hanging from the walls are not hung up aimlessly. These things are meant to draw visitors into the personality of the business, so they can get a feel of the business’s many interests and support.

Our walls resemble that of a Pinterest bulletin board, where we pinned up everything that captured our attention. In the SmartSites office, you will find a number of seemingly random items. A black sombrero in the hallway. A shelf of classic and modern literature in the conference room. Three square canvases parted an inch away from one another, all paintings of curves and loops, but when put together, it is an obvious picture of a bicycle.

Pinterest is a social media tool that allows users to share pictures and videos by posting them to your board. Its purpose is to connect with individuals who have similar interests over a wide range of topics. While I have never had Pinterest for personal use, I can imagine my bulletin board would look like I clipped pages from The New Yorker or some sort of lifestyle magazine.

Pinterest allows for small businesses to reach a wide audience based on its posted content. For instance, if the small business specializes in outdoor gear, they may post relevant articles that they found interesting for the purpose of sharing the content with other like-minded businesses and individuals. It is a beneficial way for businesses to expand its client base through mutual interest.

Business can also connect with prospective clients and audiences by posting content from their own business. By pinning pictures or showcasing infographics that contain  colorful images and detailed information about their products or services, businesses can increase audience engagement with what they’re selling. If website visitors like what they see they can use the share option to post the Pinterest page on other forms of social media, so that their network will be informed of your business.

Pinterest has also come out with a new feature called “News”, which helps followers connect further with the content. If your business posts any new updates or images to their Pinterest boards, the updates will show up on your followers’ notifications, so that they can share the business’s new interest as well.

As a business, engaging with those who comment on the pins will improve the likelihood of forming professional relationships, as users may often prefer direct contact with businesses. For instance, when a small business posts content related to what they’re selling (or advocating, in the case of businesses in the medical profession), and a user comments on the Pinterest post, the chance of gaining a client greatly increases.

Much like other forms of social media, it is important for businesses to make the “pin” button noticeable on the website so that website users can easily access the Pinterest page. Pinterest is a great way for businesses to connect with individuals and share the business’s products or services with social media.