Unraveling The Keywords That Your Potential Customers Will Use

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

Unraveling The Keywords That Your Potential Customers Will Use

When you are undertaking a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign, it’s extremely important to get your targeted keywords right. There is a wide spectrum of keywords that are relevant to your niche, and as a business owner, you might be constantly thinking about the possible keywords your potential customers are using.

When we talk about keywords, they are basically informative words or phrases that are used in a topic of significance. There are four main types of keywords that are being used today, such as long-tail keywords, chunky middle keywords, fat head keywords, and broad keywords.

Keywords are important because they are the key to gaining invaluable insight into your customers’ pain points, questions and interests. When you have narrowed down on your keywords, you will be able to tailor your site’s content to attract the right crowd and increase conversion rates. Here are some of the good ways you can use to figure out what your customers are thinking:

Be a Master of Keywords with Google Tools

Google has an entire suite of tools that are mostly free. Google Autocomplete is one of those features that finish your thought or question when you search for something. These possible search terms are actually a reflection of what other people are searching. Google Trends is another cool feature you should take advantage of. It allows you to take a close look at the search engine’s databases of searches. You can filter by regions, languages or categories, look at a single keyword or make comparisons among multiple terms.

Hang Out More on Popular Social Media Platforms

When you are trying to figure out what your targeted customers are conversing, complaining or asking about, you should never overlook social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, YouTube and Twitter. Let’s look at how these channels supply a good array of trending topics for you to craft your keywords:

  • YouTube: One of its coolest features is the Trends Dashboard. It shows you the current line-up of the most popular topics and videos. What’s more, you can filter the content by gender, age group, country, state or city
  • Google+: When you’re logged in, simply head over to the trending page to see who’s talking about what on Google+. It works very much like Twitter and Facebook
  • Twitter: One of the great benefits of using Twitter is that you don’t need to tweet to get an inside look at what other people are talking about. You can keep track of the latest topics by following others with your account. You can see trending topics on the left sidebar of your Twitter’s homepage or use its search functionality to find trending hashtags, keywords and topics
  • Facebook: With an updated graph search tool, you can search a wide array of topics that your connections talk about. Learning to use the Facebook Graph Search is easy and it only takes a few minutes of your time

Rely on Your “People”

By people, we mean business partners, suppliers, customers, staff or anyone who is familiar with your business. You should find out what questions they are asking and the hottest topics that are being discussed. When you are doing this, ensure that you put yourselves in their shoes and ask questions in the way they do. Who knows, you might even discover that some keywords you think your business should rank for are not the terms your targeted audience are actually using!