Understanding Marketing Video Placement On Websites

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

Understanding Marketing Video Placement on Websites

While videos are a great way to enhance websites, it is important to place them in appropriate places to maximize their use. People spend quite a bit of effort on creating content for their videos and simply place them on their website, without considering the strategies on how to go about using them. Here are some tips on how you could use them.

Background of Website

Videos are an excellent way to engage visitors on your website. While static backgrounds are alright, you can enhance the dynamics of your website by placing a background video.  It is vital to use video which are simplistic as you will not want to distract viewers from the content on your website. Using a video that is related to the contents of your website is important to ensure that your website is coherent.


This is one of the most common places where websites host their video content. Placing the appropriate videos on the homepage is important because this page is usually the first page most visitors would access. Videos on your homepage should keep visitors on your website and give an overview of your business and customers. When producing content for this video, do invest in creating a well-written script for the video, providing essential information about your business. This video should be short and succinct as well to avoid losing the interest of your visitors.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Videos showing positive customer reviews can be a great way to boost your business. A 2015 study conducted by DemandGen found that buyers often rely on peer and colleague reviews when researching businesses. As such, it can be useful for your business to make a video that shows some of the positive customer reviews that you have gotten over the years. You could do such a video by requesting some of your regular customers to film a testimonial video. Their testimonies should cover different positive aspects of your business, and how your services have helped them.

About Us Pages

You could use videos to introduce your website visitors to the people behind the services or products that you company provides. Not only will you humanize your brand, but it can be an engaging way to introduce your company’s values and goals. This video should capture their face and voices in order to make a personalized video. Do encourage your employees to be themselves. Their personality and sense of humor can make a video more personalized and unique.

Other Pages

Videos can be a powerful way to put your message across and play an essential role in web design and development. Sprinkle videos throughout your website to make it more engaging for your visitors. Ensure that your videos fit the context of your page well to ensure consistency.

Landing Pages

A video can be used to concentrate all the essential marketing information for potential customers. They should include the call-to-action and other relevant visuals. Check that your page speed can handle videos as most viewers will move on if the video doesn’t load fast enough.

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