Top Website Design Tips For Electricians

Irina Mircica
Irina Mircica

Senior Project Manager

website design for electricians

In this day of “everything Internet”, if you don’t have a website, your company simply doesn’t exist. It’s just that simple. Rest assured, every one of your competitors has a website and probably a presence on numerous social media sites. No matter what, you simply must make your business presence known with a comprehensive and concise website. Because web design and development matter so much right now, we are going to explore some must-haves and tips regarding the webpage that you should either already have or create as soon as possible.

Is an Electrician Website Really That Important?

Why would potential customers be that concerned about the design of your website? Who someone chooses to work with – what company they pick – can be determined by your website. People compare businesses, locate specific services, and more, via the Internet today. There are certain elements that must be included on your website so that your potential clients can get the best impression of you and your business. These are as follows:

  • Navigation that is easy to execute – To find service details or a contact form, it shouldn’t be a struggle for your users. Within one or two clicks, they should be able to locate the page they need. Complex navigation systems might seem cool, but they can discourage many Internet users. You don’t, after all, want a potential customer to get frustrated by trying to navigate a complicated website and leave to look for an easier one.
  • A layout that is consistent – Your website’s basic structure should remain consistent, though from page to page, the content may vary. It will be easier to navigate and understand your site if consistency is one of its characteristics. To help people find what they’re looking for, this will be an important factor. The following should be included on every page of your web design so that, no matter where they are on your site, they know who they’re dealing with and how to contact you:
  • Contact information
  • Logo
  • Company name

We’ll detail this further below.

  • Design that is responsive – People sitting at a desktop used to be the picture that came to mind when someone mentioned using a computer. That no longer applies. Tablets and smart phones mean that your site can be accessed anywhere, so it needs to look impressive no matter how people access your website. More on this later.

Creating the Best Electrician Website Possible

Okay, what should be included on your website is now clear. What is going to make the best sense when it comes to your website design? It shouldn’t be hard to follow, it shouldn’t be cluttered, and it should look like more than just a glorified advertisement. Here are a couple of steps that will assist in striking the right balance.

  • Calls to action should be created – On every page of your website, there should be an invitation to schedule an appointment or contact you for more information. Remember, your website’s goal is to create customers from casual web traffic. Every page of your website should include these calls to action. In a prominent place on each page, have a button that will take the person to the “Contact Us” page. Include your phone number if possible. In contrast to the rest of your content, the color and/or font should differ.
  • Keep in mind who your target audience is – Make sure that, for your business, you’re attracting the right clients… even though similar services are provided by numerous electricians. Are you looking for individual customers or businesses? Or both? Do you provide specialized services or a full range of electrical services? When you design your website, keep these things in mind. Use photos of in-home projects if your target audience is homeowners. Choose images that reflect large-scale contractors if that’s who you primarily work with. Make sure that your site caters to the people you work with most often – your demographic.

Service Pages

This is a subtopic that must be included on your website so you can inform people as to the services you offer. Once they’ve clicked on this subtopic page, they can find intricate details about each and every service. Things every service page should include are as follows:

  • Any and all certifications should be highlighted.
  • Related past projects should be shared with your audience.
  • As for as any experience you may have is concerned, tell your potential clients all about it.
  • From satisfied customers, display testimonials. Include a photo of the project you completed and/or of the customer (after securing permission from the customer). This helps build credibility and gives your viewer a valuable visual. Remember what they say about a picture being worth a thousand words!

More on Service Pages

So, you now know that service pages need to be provided through the use of a clickable subtopic. Here are some additional factors to consider where service pages are concerned.

  • Don’t sell yourself short. List each and every single type of service provided by your company.
  • Don’t be vague! Get as specific as possible when detailing your services. Leave nothing to chance.
  • Include large jobs, small jobs, and everything in between.
  • Rather than having a service page that lists all of your services, consider dedicating one entire service page to each of your services. This way you can be as detailed as you need to be without worrying about taking up too much room.

Think About Including an “About Us” Page Or Company History

Either on an “About Us” page on the homepage, include a short paragraph that talks about the story behind your company. This tells a little bit about your company’s work ethic, the character of your company, your history, and more. To your business/company, your staff, and you the owner, it adds a more human touch. Talk about your employees, some significant statistics regarding your company, interesting facts, and more. As an example, if your county awarded one of your staff (or yourself) the honor of “Best Electrician”, write a little blurb about it and include a picture. This demonstrates your exemplary profile and gives people a little bit of insight.

People love to put a face with a name so don’t be stingy with staff photos. Your employees will be going into the homes or businesses of these people, so allow potential customers to feel like they know your staff on more of a personal level by being able to identify them by sight.

Your Website Should Have a Mobile Friendly Design

This ties in with the previously discussed need for your web design to be responsive. As stated, people are going to be looking at your website on their tablets, smart phones, laptops, and desktop computers. It must be equally as appealing and navigational on all formats and, additionally, have a modern design. Particularly when you consider the industry that you’re in, modern design is a crucial point.

Just by looking at the content, people should be able to recognize that you are up to date. With a specific theme and a fresh look, your business will be positively represented by your website. Sharp backgrounds, attractive color pallets, and high-quality photos should be used.

Speaking Of High-Quality Photos – Keep an Up-To-Date Portfolio

We’ve discussed the need for photos, but part of your website should include portfolios or photo galleries in addition to staff and owner pictures. This is a great way to convey the depth and specialty of your work. Include on your website a Completed Projects section so that anyone considering your company for a job will have better access to prospects worth evaluating. This is going to be very easy to create because, with any luck at all, you’re completing jobs on a constant basis. Keep this portfolio updated by adding to it frequently.

Concerning your portfolio, consider organizing it by precise services that you offer, or specific types of projects involved in the industry. In addition to still photos of projects, show slideshow galleries of past jobs from the beginning to the completely finished product, and lots of snippets in between. This can be a key factor in transforming a casual viewer to a new customer.

Details for Your Contact Information/Page

No matter how great your website is, your chances of increasing business will be slim to none without making it perfectly clear and easy for people to reach you. This is one of the most important factors involved in a successful website. Your customers must be able to get in touch with you without having to search or work at it.

Here is a suggestion: In the upper right-hand corner of every page, put a clickable button that will automatically link to your “Contact Us” page. Some websites even like to include a ready-made form for people to fill out and send in (again, with the click of a button). A typical “Contact Us” page can include a phone number, email, and direct hookup button (which automatically puts the site viewer in contact with your company). Occasionally, websites include the ability to “live chat” with a representative.

Also regarding contact information, it won’t hurt to have that listed at both the bottom of the page and at the top of the page. So they can first identify your company, place your logo in the middle or upper left corner of the page. Your contact information can go in the upper right corner. The same can be said for the bottom of the page if you choose to follow that criteria. Also think about including social media links, a Google map, your address, etc.

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