Top Tips To Improve Retail Store Google Rankings

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

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Top Tips to Improve Retail Store Google Rankings

Google handles over two trillion searches every year. This big number goes to show that most people turn to search engines to look for goods and services. Contrary to what some might believe, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t only for online businesses, but can work great for brick-and-mortar stores as well. By ranking higher on search engines, you can bring about greater awareness of your store to those in the area and can boost business. Here are some top tips on how to improve your retail store’s ranking on search results.

Retail Stores Digital Marketing Strategy for Higher Google Rankings

Set Up a Google Listing

Head to Google My Business (GMB) to get your business listed on various Google services. Simply fill up a form on their website and agree to Google’s Terms of Service. Subsequently, you should get your business verified so that you can manage your business listing on Google.

Edit your listing and include as much information as you can about your retail store. Important information such as address, contact information, business hours and pictures of your store should be included. It will make your listing more attractive and can bring greater traffic to your business.

Google offers Posts, which allows businesses to share information on new products or deals. Potential customers will be drawn towards buying their products by promoting their products through Posts. Posts can also be used to promote upcoming events, showcase popular products and can be a platform for customers to book reservations.

Getting Listed on Other Directories

Google My Business is not the only directory that you should be listed on. To maximize the awareness of your business, you should establish listings on other business directories and social media networks. Some examples of other business directories include Yelp, Facebook, Foursquare, Yellowbook and Bing Places. There are numerous types of directories on the Internet; Do some research and place your listing only on directories which are most appropriate for your business.

To optimize your business listings on Google, it is essential that the information that you have submitted is accurate and consistent across the different directories. Also, as previously mentioned, do add as much details as possible to maximize your chances of ranking higher on search results.

High Quality Links

Having others to talk about your business can be a great way to raise the ranking of your business on search engines. Holding local events can not only improve the awareness of business but can also improve your website’s optimization for search engines. Local newspapers and bloggers might write online pages about your retail store. You could also do this by creating relevant content related to your business such as creating blogs, or by sponsoring local events.

Excellent Tools for SEO

Google Search Console is an excellent platform to understand what keywords people are using to find your website and to realize any errors on your site that have penalized your website on their search engines. Other keyword ranking tools can be used to find essential keywords that can help to rank websites higher on search engines.

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