Top Magento Extensions From Amasty That We Love

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

Top Magento Extensions From Amasty That We Love

Are you looking for the perfect setup for your Magento website? When it comes to operating a powerful eCommerce website, there is a golden rule to keep in mind and that is to implement the right extensions. In this regard, Amasty offers many top notch extensions that can serve your website well. Here’s a look at an awesome bunch of trusted Magento extensions from Amasty that we use here at SmartSites.

One Step Checkout

Opting for a simple checkout process is a surefire way to increase the number of sales on your Magento eCommerce store. For this purpose, try installing Amasty’s One Step Checkout extension. The ‘magical effect’ of using this extension is that your customers will love the ease of completing a purchase without hassle – thanks to a lightning-fast one page checkout process.

We love the ability to combine a checkout process and shopping cart into a single page. And by doing so, we are able to reduce the overall number of abandoned carts and help our clients improve sales conversion. As a store owner, you will be pleased that this extension is compatible with Order & Customer Attributes, and you can also manage the display and layout of all fields in certain sections. It is time for you to unlock the highest possible performance of your checkout page today with One Step Checkout!

Product Manager Toolkit

We all know that inconvenient product management tools can cause tons of headaches. However, you do not have to suffer any longer with Amasty’s Product Manager Toolkit. The module has provided us the ability to edit product data on the product grid itself! Examples of attributes that can be edited include cost and brand. What’s more, there is an option to add attachments, images included.

If you are looking for ways to stop the chaos in your store, you should consider implementing this easy-to-use extension and take advantage of the bunch of highly adjustable tools it has to offer and eliminate any inefficient time spent.

Order Manager Toolkit

Next on our list is Amasty’s Order Manager Toolkit. This extension is the ultimate solution to eliminating time-consuming routines of processing orders. After installing this extension, you can retrieve all order information within an extended order grid and perform bulk order actions. By using this amazing Magento extension, you will not lose important order data again, gain the ability to use color flags to set up priority of orders, create invoices from the order grid, and more.

Improved Layered Navigation

If you have used Amasty’s Improved Layered Navigation extension before, you will appreciate how this tool is designed to allow easier set-up as well as reduce the amount of configuration options. This also means that you have unlimited powers when it comes to individually and manually setting headings, meta tags, page titles and even CMS blocks (content) for each set of navigation’s attributes. Most of our eCommerce clients always emphasize on effective navigation for their users, and with this extension, we can always impress them and exceed beyond their expectations.

Order Attributes

Amasty’s Order Attributes is a popular extension that allow users to gather information and feedback from their customers without making the entire process boring or ‘draining’ on either side. You can place custom fields on your checkout page to acquire data such as preference, age, interest and more. When we say add custom fields, there is an unlimited amount to which you can add. In addition, the extension is fail-proof because order field values can be restored in the case that something goes wrong at the time of creating orders in the backend. As the Order Attributes extension enables faster order completion, the level of customer satisfaction will grow at a healthy rate as well!