Elite Fitness Brands That Are Winning In Social Media

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

Elite Fitness Brands That Are Winning In Social Media

Fitness is a big industry and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Everyone wants to be in better shape which ensures that there’s a huge market for supplements, clothes manufacturers, gyms, training programs, equipment and more.

While this is good news for those companies, it also presents something of a challenge when it comes to standing out. With so much competition, how do you help your own business to break through? It’s all about smart use of social media these days, and here are some companies in that industry that show just how it should be done.


CrossFit has become so large that it’s easy to forget it’s even a brand – almost joining the ranks of the likes of Hoover and Kleenex. Whatever you think of the company, you can’t fault them for turning their workouts into a global phenomenon and leveraging social media to do so. They have over 188,000 Twitter followers, more than 1.3 million Facebook fans and 371,000+ followers on Instagram too. It’s through their blog that they really manage to attract attention with their ‘Workouts Of the Day’ or ‘WODs’ which seem custom-made for a social-media world. They also do a good job of ‘selling the dream’ through their motivational posts and quotes. It’s just a shame their blog isn’t a little better designed.


Nike has always been great at marketing themselves, particularly through social media. They have more than 180,000+ Twitter followers and over 1.8 million Facebook fans (even more than CrossFit). Again, they also show a lot of love for Instagram with 360,000+ followers on that platform. Nike gets a lot of help from celebrity athletes and also have an app that they promote alongside their social media accounts. They have a separate ‘Nike Women‘ account on Instagram, where they will often show off their apparel. So what can we learn? Leverage your contacts, try using an app and get on Instagram!


Equinox is a highly successful chain of gyms and although they don’t have quite as many followers as other entries on this list, they nevertheless demonstrate some impressive social media skills and top a lot of lists of this nature. They have over 50,000 Twitter followers, 116,000 Facebook fans and 8,000 Instagram followers. Again they favor Instagram a lot but also provide value through training tips and motivational quotes through their tweets. Are your tweets delivering value for your followers?

Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym is perhaps the best known gym within bodybuilding circles due to its affiliation with the bodybuilding stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger. The company has 49,000+ followers on Twitter, 403,000+ on Facebook and 10,030+ on Instagram. They know their audience well and all their posts seem clearly targeted at their bodybuilding demographic. They have a good understanding of the way others see them, rather than trying to ram home a message that doesn’t seem to ‘fit’.

So there you go, these are the four fitness brands that are crushing the competition on social media. Now the question to ask is: If you have a fitness brand of your own, how can you start emulating their success? Perhaps you need some help from us!