Top 5 Luxury Websites that Make People Want to Spend Online

Elizabeth Reyn
Top 5 Luxury Websites that Make People Want to Spend Online

Although I’m not much of a luxury shopper, I appreciate brands that are not gaudy or over-the-top with their products. Designer labels that are placed in one spot rather than scribbled all over the item. A product that looks sleek yet doesn’t compromise anything important or useful.

In the rare occasion I do shop for a luxury brand, I look for quality bags that have the right amount of compartments. Expensive shoes that are also comfortable. A car that comes in the color that I want, but can accommodate my 5 feet 0 inch stature. All of these requirements are necessary to consider when spending extra on a luxury product.

However, the disadvantage to selling luxury items on the web is that customers can’t get that personal experience they desire. They can’t open the zippers on the bag, try on those shoes, or sit in that car. So  how do you sell your luxury brand online? Learn from the following five websites. They all stay true to their brand while giving people the aesthetic quality needed to connect with their products.

1. Kate Spade

Probably one of the best for brand marketing, and happens to be a personal favorite brand of mine. Kate Spade utilizes minimal yet expensive-looking designs both online and in-person. Its website features a colorful background fitting with the season. Each page gives all the well-deserved attention to the items being sold. For each product, customers can view the available colors and sizes to scale so they can better visualize what they are buying.

2. Four Seasons

Its exceptional slideshow of images is this hotel company’s stand out aspect. True to its tagline “Be truly at home with Four Seasons”, the images are captivating, representing both the cozy interior of the rooms and the stunning scenery visible from the hotel windows. The best part is that the images look authentic enough to pass for images taken by a photographer and not taken from a stock photography website.

3. Bulgari

This is a great example of jewelry company whose opulent products translate well on the page. Bulgari made smart website choices, incorporating a simple black background that makes its jewelry pop. Its easy search options give customers a personalized website experience by helping them find exactly what they need based on their requirements.

4. BMW

Their website is stylish without being too flashy, showcasing the best features of the car so accurately, that the customer forgets that he/she is not actually in the car. Using the Build Your Own feature to design a suitable custom car is reminiscent of being in a Build-A-Bear workshop, picking out your own features and creating a luxury car that works for you.

5. Apple

The Apple website excels at being simple yet informative, complete with well-designed pages and vivid graphics. The most prominent feature on the Apple website is its buying page, where customers can compare prices on products based on how many gigs are in them. All of the search functions are easy to navigate, making the buying process simple and efficient.