Top 5 Corporate Instagram Accounts

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

Top 5 Corporate Instagram Accounts

Through previous articles, we have looked at corporate brands that have excelled on Facebook, on Twitter and even on Pinterest. On the back of those social media sites, they’ve managed to reach a larger audience and help some of their messages to go viral and more.

While we learned a lot of lessons from those examples though, this is really still just scratching the surface when it comes to social networks you can use to promote your business. While the others may not be quite so big, each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses that can be leveraged in order to reach different audiences and show off your products and services in a different light.

Instagram is one such unsung hero that involves very little in the way of ‘upkeep’ and at the same time lets you show off your business in a very ‘visual’ manner. Read on and we’ll look at some more examples of successful brands, but this time focusing on the photo sharing, filter-loving, selfie-promoting platform that is Instagram.


Sharpie has a highly popular Instagram account and is the perfect example of a company finding the right medium for its particular product and message. Sharpies, of course, are a type of pens and thus they can be used to create images and messages – which is mostly what populates the brand’s feed. Often, the images are highly detailed and creative, while they can also be witty and smart. This visual format has gained them lots of fans, shown the versatility of their product and lead to many shares.

Target Style

In our recent look at brands on Pinterest, we discussed how effective it was to focus on the lifestyle and the image behind the brand. Target does this perfectly by posting images of fashion shows, backstage styling and great examples of fashion and design. All this helps to create a ‘feel’ for the products they are promoting and their ‘value proposition’ without ramming anything down your throat.

L.A. Clippers

The Instagram account of the L.A. Clippers is pretty much a masterclass in ‘how to do social media’. The account will post amazing action shots of games being played using dynamic angles and exciting filters and upload them live during the game. This actually enhances the experience of watching the game, demonstrating how social media can be used for more than simple marketing.


We have praised RedBull for their social media strategy in the past, so it’s no surprise that they should have such a fantastic account on Instagram filled with action shots of various extreme sports and athletics. Again, it all promotes the lifestyle they’re trying to sell and is perfect for such a visual medium.


Starbucks are again giants of the social media world and they do two things right that are often the hallmarks of a good social account. For one, they encourage engagement and participation by posting photos that their customers have submitted, and at the same time they demonstrate humor and an ability to poke fun at themselves which is always a great way to warm up a following to your business.

If you want to get on the same ranks of these social media savvy brands or even excel them, let us at SmartSites take you up there.