The One Thing Webinar: E-commerce Strategies To Enhance Customer Lifetime Value

Cassandra Goethe
Cassandra Goethe

Marketing Coordinator

Blog Post - Recart Webinar - One thing to increase your LTV

The world of e-commerce is ever-evolving, with brands constantly looking for new and innovative ways to engage customers and enhance their shopping experience. The Recart webinar, titled “The One Thing,” was a testament to this commitment. The event was designed to offer actionable insights that could make direct-to-consumer (DTC) businesses incrementally better. Over two days, the brightest minds in the industry converged to share their expert strategies.

Key Event Highlights

The webinar promised attendees at least one takeaway to bolster their DTC business. Here were some of the strategic highlights:

  • Locating and Engaging Customers: How to find your customers at various stages of their journey and craft tailored experiences for them.
  • Elevating Product Experience: The importance of making a stellar first impression with your product.
  • Subscription Gamification: Making every subscription order an engaging experience.
  • Amplifying Word of Mouth: How to harness the power of referrals and amplify it systematically.
  • Building Brand Communities: Fostering brand loyalty by creating and nurturing community spaces for brand enthusiasts.
  • Elevating Customer Voices: Giving new customers platforms to share their experiences, ensuring they return.
  • Incentivizing Video Reviews: The power of video in showcasing real customer experiences and how businesses can encourage them.
  • Maximizing 1P Data: How to use 1st party data to identify and nurture high-value customers.
  • Optimizing Customer Value: Techniques to accelerate the value journey of the most valuable customers.
  • Revenue Rescue Strategies: Harnessing automations to save potential revenue lost due to failed payments.

Zach Everett’s Insightful Dive into 1st Party Data

One of the most anticipated segments of the event was led by Zach Everett, the E-commerce Team Lead at SmartSites. His focus was on a critical aspect of modern e-commerce: leveraging 1st party data.

Understanding Your Valuable Customers

Zach’s primary message revolved around a potent statistic: approximately 80% of your business revenue comes from just 20% of your customers. Understanding and catering to this segment becomes paramount.

Segmentation for Better Targeting

Diving deeper, he emphasized the importance of segmenting customers based on interests and purchasing behaviors.

“Customer segmentation enables businesses to create tailored experiences and offers, boosting customer lifetime value.” – Zach Everett.

The Power of Rich Audience Data

His strategy revolves around using rich audience data to prospect new users and guide them into a high-value funnel. The goal is to convert them into the ‘20% segment’ that drives the majority of the revenue.

Tools and Platforms

Zach notes the importance of various platforms and specifically recommends:

  • Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences
  • Google Analytics’ Imported Remarketing Lists
  • Microsoft’s Imported Remarketing Audiences
  • Pinterest’s Actalike Audiences

Each of these tools, when effectively deployed, can play a pivotal role in harnessing the power of 1st party data.

While Zach Everett’s session was undeniably insightful, the event also featured thought leaders from Loop Subscriptions, TripleWhale, ShopCircle,, Loox, Tapcart, and Bestie. Each speaker brought unique perspectives and strategies, making the webinar a comprehensive guide to modern e-commerce success.