The New Normal: Adapting Your Online Marketing Strategy To COVID-19

Anita Kostadinov
Anita Kostadinov

Director of Project Management

COVID-19 marketing strategy

Businesses in the coming months will become more reliant than ever on their online marketing strategy due to COVID-19. Meeting face-to-face with clients, setting up trade show events, and creating channels related to networking or conferences will pose an enormous challenge to many business sectors. To make it through these tough COVID-19 times, it is important for you to learn how to adapt your business through a series of digital marketing strategies.

Post Covid-19 Online Marketing Strategies for New Normal

Boosting Your Online Presence

Individuals working from home or being confined to an office without meeting their clients will mean that businesses have to spend more time to develop online strategies to meet their consumer’s needs. Putting in effort in researching where your customers are and what they are looking for, can impact your success. If you have an existing website, you can simply update your site and refresh it with a more innovative approach. Seek professional digital marketing services such as companies who offer SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to improve your online marketing strategy. If you do not have an existing website, it is advisable to consider building one to attract potential online customers to your business.

Take Advantage of Email Lists

Having an email list will allow you to connect with your existing or new customers and share updated information about your business with them. You can use this connection to introduce the latest promotions, popular sales, and relevant products to your clients. If they find the information that you have provided is useful, they may share it with their loved ones as well. This will in turn lead to a potential increase in leads and customer conversions.

Blogging to Success

Blogging about relevant topics, trends and how your business is responding to COVID-19 is a popular online marketing strategy. Like email lists, it is another way of informing your consumers about your latest business updates and the changes you will be making in the upcoming months. When blogging, you can write in an SEO friendly way by paying more attention to keywords or key phrases that online users tend to search for. An alternative is to seek digital experts to manage SEO blog posts for you.

Make Social Media Your Broadcasting Outlet

One of the most used online marketing strategies is to focus on social media marketing. Today, it works excellently in providing businesses with a channel to connect with customers. Regardless whether it is for news, updates, introduction about products or services, people are turning toward social media for information. During this period of COVID-19, studies have shown an enormous spike in people using social media for important updates. You can, however, use this opportunity to engage your customers with relevant topics, trends and most importantly, your business. 

Work Toward a Digital World

However long this pandemic might last, it is certainly challenging for companies to keep up with unforeseen changes. Adapting your business and fine-tuning your online marketing strategy can not only have the potential to increase your sales but it will also allow you to keep up with the current market trends. Therefore, it is important that you work toward a digital world by taking your business online, and gain an edge over your competitors by thriving in digital transformation.