Tapping On Content For Your Global Marketing Strategy

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content


If you are reading this you might have already hit a ceiling that’s affecting company growth. Hence, you should consider expanding beyond the borders of where you set up shop. Simply put, it’s time for you to start investing in a global marketing strategy and one of the first few steps to take is to tap on content. Here’s how you can take advantage of content marketing to develop a sound global digital marketing strategy. We tried our best to make it as digestible as possible!

Generate More Leads by Creating Localized Landing Pages

It is true that you need to create content so that people will come. However, you also need to give them ample opportunities to convert. For starters, you should consider translating a number of your landing pages:

  • Your trial sign up/pricing range page: If building out an entire localized website for a certain country is too time consuming, consider getting your local marketing manager to build a simple yet good-looking landing page that they can use to send traffic to in the meantime
  • Lead generation pages for webinars and eBooks: Make sure that you continue optimizing posts (like how it’s done for your current blog).
  • Dedicated Landing page for blog subscription: Give viewers plenty of opportunities to subscribe to your blog updates.

Surround Your Content with Localized Communities

You can start driving as much traffic as possible once you have got your lead gen landing pages and content in place. In addition, it is much more ideal to hire a local marketer who can help you build an audience and community around a specific region/country.

Localize and Translate Content Pieces – Do Both!

Make a list of content that has been pre-validated by your original market and prepare new content for your new market by translating it. If you want your new content to resonate with new markets you got to localize it and not just translate them word-for-word. It is pertinent to be flexible and open-minded so you can react to trends in the particular region. See this example: While European people are talking about soccer, North Americans are talking about ice hockey, baseball, football etc. By identifying what the locals love, you can make the right pop culture references.

Perform Data Evaluation and Identify Your Most Popular Content

Marketing content in newer markets does not always require one to reinvent the wheel. You should focus on the current content that has been attracting new visitors to your website and converting them into leads and even customers. Dig deep into your traffic data to identify evergreen blog posts that show promising performance. Got them? Great! Simply translate those posts or you can even start writing new originals. Just make sure they are written on a similar subject.

Hire a Local Marketer to Market Your Content (For Each Country)

When you hire marketers to market your fine content, make sure that they have a deep understanding of that specific region you are targeting prior to doing so. Find out if they are originally from that region or living there. They must be able to communicate effectively with that regional market and drive results for your business at the same time. Whether the interaction with locals happens via live events, webinars, Skype or email, they always value being able to interact with an ambassador. Of course, it must be in the language of their choice.