Surefire Tips For Creating Memorable Banner Ads

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

Surefire Tips For Creating Memorable Banner Ads

Although some people ignore banner ads, you should not give up creating these ads. If you are planning to run a remarketing campaign, having one or more banner ads ready at your disposal is a must. As long as you keep them simple and effective, they can prove to be very powerful PPC tools. Here are some surefire tips to help make your ads more memorable:

Implement Call-to Action Features

When you create a banner ad, you want to make sure that you are offering something beyond a brand reminder. It is pertinent that you include direct and obvious call-to-action features, which encourage people to click on your ad. If people are struggling to find your ad’s purpose, it indicates you are doing something wrong. Your CTA should feature an obvious and attractive arrow or button that clearly offers them a place to click through to your landing page or main website. If your CTA contains a message, it has to be aligned with the rest of the ad’s wording.

Be Direct with Your Message

If the purpose of showing an ad is to encourage people to download an asset, e.g. an eBook, just say so. Planning to feature an online demonstration of your product/service, make sure you tell people what is in store for them if they click your ad. If you are offering a free trial to convert visitors into real customers, you have got to make that offer obvious. Your goal is to take the guesswork out of the equation so that potential customers are more willing to take the next step and move further into the sales funnel. The reason is that many of them are swamped with information when they are online.

It is always a recommended approach to select clear wording on the incentive you are currently offering. Creative and flowery language is only great when you have the ability to pull it off. If you are targeting a broad range of potential clients, cunning and crafty message is just going to be passed up on.

Do Not Feature Boring Images in Your Banner Ads

People tend to process images faster than words. If they come across boring and generic-looking stock images in your banner ads, there is a higher chance of them ignoring the ads. You should select images that entice potential clients to view the ad’s message – not turn them away. The selected image should also strike a chord with your target audience. For example, your images should feature someone working on a tangible product; not someone who is just smiling back at you.

The Bottom Line

If your banner ad can contain some or all of the above features, you actually stand a far better chance of utilizing display advertising as a viable marketing tool, especially when you are currently in the increasing awareness stage of your marketing funnel. Remember, things do not have to be too complicated. As long as you use a call-to-action that, a direct and simple message, and clear imagery that ties in the entire ad, your digital marketing efforts will definitely pay off in the long term.