Steps To Share Your Google Ads Account Access

Zach Everett
Zach Everett

PPC Analyst

Google Ads account access

The Goal: Find Your Ad Account ID

Step 1: Visit to access Google Ads Manager

Step 2: Once you are signed in, Check In via the top left corner

Step 3: Copy the Account # for the corresponding Ad Account you want to share and email your project manager or PPC analyst

The Goal: Approve a SmartSites Access Request

You should see the option to accept our request via the email that is associated with your Google Ads account see. However, if you do not, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to Google Ads Manager

Step 2: Click on the Wrench Icon and then Select Access and security

Step 3: Click on Managers

Step 4: You will see SmartSites Click Approve to proceed