Social Media Marketing Trends For 2017

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

Social Media Marketing Trends For 2017

Social networks have undergone a dramatic expansion (in terms of use) throughout 2016. What’s more, that expansion is not expected to diminish anytime soon. Here we are, with the first month of 2017 just whizzed past us – the innovation from social media networks are expected to allow companies to engage even more with their communities as well as connect with more prospects and customers. If you are trying to dig out more information about the possible social media marketing trends in 2017, you have come to the right place. Let’s find out more!

New Social Media Marketing Trends to Expect

Here is a quick look at the new social media marketing trends that will be important components of brands’ social efforts and social media campaigns in 2017:

  • Showing a brand’s honest and human side

More brands will start to showcase the human side of their operations because the emergence of social media over the past few years has allowed consumers to connect with businesses on a more personal level. With the availability of virtual reality and live video technologies, you have amazing tools to post more current, relevant and interesting content for your prospects. In addition, honesty is also becoming increasingly powerful in social media. More users have expressed their interest in content that’s candid and sincere.

  • Bigger and better live videos

The use of live video technologies is expected to grow in use in 2017. Facebook Live serves as a stellar example. However, you should not limit yourself to just Facebook Live. You can also use YouTube and Periscope to broadcast live-streaming events to boost your social media presence. If you haven’t board the live video marketing train, and if you are planning to do it soon, you should ensure that your content is fun and engaging.

  • One-stop social shops

Tech-savvy individuals are spending more time on social. Hence, it makes perfect sense that many social media networks want to serve an array of purposes. In 2017, you should start taking note of social commerce as more platforms are introducing in-house purchasing abilities. For example, LinkedIn will soon have lead generation forms; Instagram will launch its own shopping platform; and Pinterest will implement buyable pins. Simply put, social networks are striving to be everything for their users so that they do not have to go elsewhere on the web.

Old Social Media Marketing Trends to Forget

Since its inception, social media has dominated nearly aspect of our daily lives. Here is a quick look at the older social media marketing trends that are expected to fade away in 2017:

  • Auto posting

Because no social media platform is built the same, more businesses are expected to cut down on auto posting. You need to determine your targeted audience and individual features of each platform, and then tailor your commercial messages accordingly to enhance or maintain your social media presence. Make sure you do this even though it’s easy to share the same posts across different networks.

  • Spreading a brand’s presence on too many social networks

In the past, brands often prioritize having a presence on as many social platforms as possible. However, this will no longer be a standard practice soon. It’s true that you may need to come up with diversified strategies to build brand awareness, but you do not need to actually broadcast your content on all platforms. Simply put, focus on particular social media networks that cater to your target audience.

  • Untimely content releases

More businesses are expected to drop bad brand promotion practices. For example, releasing amusing content on a somber holiday or posting social messages that sell products on a remembrance holiday – okay, that’s pretty cringeworthy.

What Else Do You Need to Know for 2017?

You should note that being a pro at social media marketing is not just about eliminating old practices and adopting new ones. It’s important that you consider revisiting existing strategies and revising them based on the new trends we’ve just talked about. For example, you can revise how you converse on social platforms; offer stellar customer service through your chosen social platform to increase customer satisfaction and engagement. As long as you are willing to improve your methods and focus on what delights your target market, 2017 will be an awesome one!