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Michael Melen
Michael Melen


SmartSites reviews

Our business is growing, and the team is receiving more calls than usual. The increased workload, however, made answering all inquiries challenging. We needed a solution that allowed us to focus on core business functions while communicating with leads and clients effectively. Healthy client communication was critical to our business growth. We are excited to announce that we have found who surpassed our expectations with real and highly trained receptionists, smart AI messaging solutions, and amazing customer service. 

Are You Familiar with this Scenario?

You own and manage a small business that employs less than 10 individuals. Due to everyone’s busy schedules, it was nearly impossible to answer all the calls yourself. As a result, the business missed out on potential clients. In order to resolve this issue, you decided to try several big-name virtual receptionist services over the years. These service providers, however, were either unreliable or overpriced. In fact, you may have lost income.

Running small businesses is no 9 to 5 job. It is a 24/7 affair. Whether you run a legal firm or e-commerce business, business owners know how hard it is to keep daily operations running smoothly. Leading a solo or small business means doing not only what you love, but also the exact opposite. Many of those undesirable tasks involve client communication, from answering texts to phone calls to engaging with customers online. Fortunately, you can hand off these time-consuming and energy sapping tasks to virtual receptionists. Doing so allows business owners to unlock the full growth potential of their companies.

Understanding the Importance of Receptionists

Did you know that receptionists reflect the organizational culture of your company? These frontline professionals provide potential clients with information that may make or break the relationship between your business and theirs. Should your receptionists be knowledgeable, suitably trained, friendly, and professional, clients will choose to stick with you.

Who is Why Did We Make Them a SmartSites Partner? virtual receptionist and live chat solutions offer businesses a fast, easy, and effective way to capture, screen, and convert organic website visitors. Below are several reasons why we partnered with

Full Service Lead Intake employs the latest AI technologies and real people to handle all of their clients’ phone calls and messaging needs. Although their team members are called virtual receptionists, the people who answer the phones are, in fact, real and utilize customized greetings. Their experienced receptionists have helped SmartSites request information (from callers) according to our instructions and facilitated warm transfers. Virtual receptionists at are capable of answering phone calls as well as replying to live chats, SMS, and Facebook messages.

Our experience with’s receptionists has been nothing but amazing. They handle all of our calls with kindness and professionalism. In some cases, our account instructions were not clear, but they used their best judgment and were actually spot on. Thanks to them, important calls to our office have been answered. Their efforts have not only resulted in more clients but also increased customer satisfaction. That’s why SmartSites recommends to growing businesses that are looking for reliable virtual receptionist services.

Based in North America and Available 24/7 employs trained receptionists to answer questions, screen leads, and schedule appointments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Business owners enjoy peace of mind knowing that our partner can accommodate multiple North American time zones.

Bilingual: Supports English and Spanish

In today’s global markets, it is increasingly important to have the ability to communicate with clients in more than one language. The United States has the second most Spanish speakers in the world. In addition to Mexico, the Spanish language has grown and expanded into new areas of the country. In fact, Florida, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Illinois are states that have populations of Spanish-speakers. Any U.S.-based business that is interested in growing their operations need to adapt to this emerging customer need. At SmartSites, we are glad that has helped us implement bilingual language support so that we do not miss out non-English speaking customers.

Popular Software Integrations and API Documentation is easy to set up on all website platforms. Below is a list of integrations that our partner offers:

o   ActiveCampaign

o   Acuity

o   Calendly

o   Capsule CRM

o   ClientRock

o   Clio

o   Filevine

o   Harmonizely

o   Headnote

o   LawPay

o   Lead Docket

o   Lexicata

o   Pipedrive

o   SalesForce

o   Schedulista

o   Setmore

o   Slack

o   Square Appointments

o   Zapier

o   ZynCal Calendar

o   … and more!

Founded by ex-Google Employees was established by Aaron Lee (Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer) and Justin Maxwell (Co-founder & Chief Design Officer). Aaron was a founding engineer on Google Video and enabled content creators to monetize via YouTube. As a design lead in Google’s Android group, Justin not only designed products but led teams for Google, Apple, Sony, Mint (Intuit), and other startups along the way. With innovative minds on the team, SmartSites is confident that their virtual receptionist and live chat services are just going to keep getting better.

Competitive Pricing

We understand the individuals who are bootstrapping their businesses do not often have access to loans and other financing solutions. That’s why we love for their affordable yet effective solutions to convert website leads and grow our clients’ businesses. Business owners can start using their services from $140/month (no contracts and cancellation fees to worry about). Starter plans offer AI chat bots for free, answer up to 20 calls (excluding spam calls), and more. has essentially eliminated all barriers of entry.

Excellent Reviews has achieved countless 5-star reviews on G2 which is a reputable business product review and ranking platform for software and tech. Verified users have ranked their virtual receptionist and managed live chat services highly.

SmartSites recommends as a partner because they have a great company culture and truly care about their clients’ business needs and objectives. If you are looking for a trusted partner who can enhance your client communications without breaking the bank, we highly recommend