Is A SmartSites Recommended Partner For Virtual Receptionist And 24/7 Live Chat Services

Clement Foo
Clement Foo

Digital Content Manager - SmartSites Recommended Partner

SmartSites ( has partnered with to provide clients with live chat tools, virtual receptionist solutions, and the support of’s network to enable improved customer experiences. As a SmartSites recommended partner,’s tools have been thoroughly tested for their effectiveness and ease of use. During the trial period, our team has managed to acquire positive feedback from clients who spoke with professional, friendly, and live receptionists. Instead of waiting for traditional email responses, leads, website visitors, and existing customers can now enjoy the benefits of having immediate assistance.

For more information about SmartSites’ partnership with, feel free to read the press release here:

Key Features of’s Live Chat Services

·         24/7 Live Agents

·         AI Technology

·         Custom Knowledge Base & Q&A

·         SMS Text Answering

·         Facebook Messenger

·         Proactive Chat

·         Mobile Notifications

·         Real-Time Translation

·         Custom Branding & Colors

·         Custom Placement

·         Customized Greetings

·         Business Familiarity

·         Mobile-Optimized Chat Widgets

Key Features of’s Virtual Receptionist Services

·         24/7 Live Receptionists

·         Customized Greetings

·         Transfer Destinations

·         Appointment Scheduling

·         Payment Processing

·         New Lead Intake

·         Multiple Live Transfer Numbers

·         Email Summary of Calls

·         Callback on Client Calls

·         Call Notifications via Text Message

·         Daily Call Summary via Email

·         Outbound Calls

·         Conflict Checks for Lawyers

·         Recommended Businesses Referral

·         Appointment Reminders

With’s support, SmartSites can now better serve clients in the legal, managed services, SaaS, media, B2B (Business to Business), nonprofit, industrial, hospitality, automotive, medical, home services, and retail industries. Responsive businesses typically have a better chance at winning the hearts of consumers. Start accelerating your growth today!