SmartSites Wins 2 Gold Hermes Creative Awards 2019

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

smartsites wins 2 gold hermes creative awards 2019

SmartSites is pleased to announce that we have won two gold awards in the 2019 Hermes Creative Awards! Our entries included a brochure design and a new website design that were developed for SmartSites’ latest drive for marketing growth.

Gold Hermes Creative Awards

About the Hermes Creative Awards

This is an international competition that recognizes the works of creative professionals who are involved in writing, designing, and conceptualizing traditional materials and emerging technologies. Since its inception, Hermes Creative Awards ( has been receiving entries from web and digital creators, production companies, graphic design agencies, PR firms, advertising agencies, and even corporate marketing departments.

Next, the competition is comprised of two hundred categories that are grouped under several headings, including Electronic/Social/Interactive Media, Public Relations/Communications, and Print Media. Some of the common deliverables include videos, websites, publications, and advertising content.

Today, Hermes Creative Awards has progressed to become one of the largest of its kind globally. A look at the latest Winners List shows a wide range of participants, ranging from individual communicators to Fortune 500 companies and media conglomerates.

Introducing the Judges

The Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP) currently judges and administers the Hermes Creative Awards. Founded in 1995, AMCP is an international organization oversees awards and recognition programs and sets standards for excellence. In addition, AMCP is comprised of web, media production, public relations, advertising, communication, and marketing professionals.

Part of AMCP’s mission involves fostering and supporting the efforts of communication and marketing professionals who wish to contribute their unique talents to charitable organizations and public service. AMCP rewards generous communication and marketing professionals by extending grants and giving special recognition to those who deserve it.

Walking Home with the Hermes Messenger Award

The Hermes Messenger Award was created to symbolize excellence in communications and marketing. After more than a decade, the award now features a new look that reflects the rapidly evolving industry that it represents. The award’s new design was the result of Hermes’ design team collaborating with Society Awards, which is the world’s foremost fabricator and designer of custom awards. Society Awards has also customized awards for Dancing with the Stars, The Voice, Academy of Country Music, the Golden Globes, among others.

One of the most notable features of the award is the sleek H that comes with intricately carved wings. The modern, abstract piece of art recognizes the messenger’s role in technology, design, and creativity.

Work with an Award-Winning Design Team Today!

SmartSites is an experienced digital marketing agency that works with small and mid-sized businesses. In addition to website design and development, our company also provides PPC marketing and Search Engine Optimization solutions for our clients. When you choose our design solutions, our team will bridge the gap between creativity and strategy to actualize your vision.