SmartSites Redesigned Website Goes Live!

Elizabeth Reyn

We are delighted to inform our readers that our website,, has officially launched and the process of rebranding is finally complete!

On behalf of the entire staff, I can say that we couldn’t be happier about all of the hard work that has been produced over the last few months.  This new website is stylish and modern, really capturing the essence of the services we provide. The video features, sliding bars, and interactive icons make it easier for users to feel like they’re interacting with the website, and in turn, with us.

As a small business, we pride ourselves on our careful attention to clients’ needs. We designed the SmartSites website to feel accessible to our visitors and prospective clients. By just scrolling down the first page, visitors will see our repertoire of clients and their testimonials. With just a hover and a click, viewers can find information about our many services in web design and development, and online marketing.  Our company’s mission and team bios as well as the results of our work are at the forefront, so visitors can feel comfortable knowing that they are teaming with dedicated and enthusiastic staff members who make successful websites.

Despite the aesthetic changes, the new SmartSites website maintains the integrity of the former website. While the website has undergone many style and content changes, it continues to accurately represent the mission of SmartSites: to create and promote reliable, user-friendly websites. Our logo of a brain inside of a lightbulb shows that we are always hard at work and thinking of solutions that benefits our clients’ webpages.

We are excited to have a website that reflects all that we do. Please visit us at