SmartSites Recognized As An Elite Agency By Bing Ads Partner Program

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

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SmartSites Recognized As An Elite Agency By Bing Ads Partner Program

By being a Bing Ads Elite Partner, SmartSites will take this opportunity to advance our service and expertise provided to clients via exclusive access to technology development, marketing, and training. The Bing Partner Program, at its core, is a liaison between Bing Ads and highly qualified technology partners, channel partners, and partner agencies in the advertising industry.

As an Elite Bing Partner, it is our duty to consistently provide unmatched expertise when it comes to online marketing, technology, and service to our clients so that the best possible results can be achieved through Bing Ads.

It is an undeniable fact that Bing continues to grow each day; one in three searches is powered by the Bing network in the United States. Today, Bing searches form nearly 34% of the PC search market. With approximately 136 million unique searchers, five billion searches happen in each month on the platform. SmartSites has achieved the necessary credentials to help both small and mid-sized advertisers to expand their Bing advertising. With our help, you can be sure to effectively reach a high-value audience that cannot be found on Google.

Since being officially recognized as an elite agency by Bing, we have successfully been offering increased levels of ROI to clients who required professional assistance with search advertising. The revenue growth of Microsoft’s search advertising platform is more than 20% year-over-year, on average. Our agency expects this ongoing partnership to create more business opportunities for both SmartSites and Microsoft, as well as our clients.

You can rest assured that our company has been working closely with Bing to help clients keep abreast of new developments in digital marketing technology and emerging trends in the industry. As Bing Ads continues to expand their global reach, SmartSites look forward to continued collaboration as we continue our mission to make online advertising simple and hassle-free for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Being on the Bing Ads Elite Partner Program is certainly an honor to behold. SmartSites continually strives to develop and manage strategic partnerships with our valued clients to help them succeed in the world of online advertising. We work arduously to create unique brands via well-thought Bing Search Ads campaigns, especially NJ Bing ads.

You can get more details about SmartSites’ recognition and the Bing Partner Program here.

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About Bing

Nearly 1 in 3 PC searches in the U.S were constituted by the intelligence of Bing. It is inside the devices, website, and apps people rely on day in day out. Bing has powered search experiences from Xbox to Windows 10, Amazon to Apple, and AOL to Yahoo. Thanks to the Bing Network, users can connect their brand with its unique audience to drive more results and increase their reach.