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Sam Chadson Ng
Sam Chadson Ng

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SmartSites has been named the top SEM agency on Founded by Digital Equipment Corporation, the independent review website was launched to review the best software, products, and services for operating and growing online shops and small business websites. is recognized for applying the sentiment analysis algorithm to score companies. The platform enables business owners to compare different service providers before hiring companies that suit their needs.

SmartSites ranks as a leading SEM agency for the following service lines: PPC Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Display Advertising. Feel free to read more about our ranking on at

Increase Conversions through SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

SEM is used to drive conversions for online marketing campaigns. Because paid ads are linked to conversion-focused sales and landing pages, SEM helps businesses move web traffic through the sales funnel. In addition to increasing conversion rates, SEM also helps improve brand awareness. Even if ads do not receive clicks, your brand name will still remain visible on the top of the fold. Searchers can easily recognize your product and URL when they see the ad.

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Hiring an SEM expert is an effective way to optimize your campaigns and maximize search marketing results. They can help you achieve long-term marketing goals, including increasing ad clicks, lead form submissions, business phone calls, revenue (year over year), qualified leads, and website traffic, and more.