SmartSites Ranked #1 User Experience (UX) Company

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

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SmartSites Ranked #1 User Experience (UX) Company

SmartSites is pleased to announce that we were ranked as the leading user experience company by UpCity. Our digital marketing agency is headquartered in 45 Eisenhower Drive, Suite #520, Paramus, NJ 07652, United States and one of our areas of expertise is custom website design. An important component of web design is user experience (UX) and it is needed to create digital products that provide relevant and meaningful experiences for users. UX integrates all aspects of function, usability, design, and branding. Are you considering building a website that offers great user experiences? Work with an award-winning user experience company like SmartSites!

Understanding User Experience (UX) in Website Design

UX refers to the interaction that a user makes with a service or product. User experience design takes into consideration the different elements that help shape the overall experience – it can be pleasing, relevant, efficient, and more. In addition, UX determines how easy or difficult it is to fulfill tasks involved in the process. How does UX relate to the web design world? You can think of user experience as the ergonomics of a website. When a web page design is centered on UX, you create a space that is easy for visitors to navigate, understand, and access. With the right user experience design, business owners can increase traffic, grow their customer base, and distinguish their websites from others.

Studies show that people tend to stay longer on UX-optimized websites while others exit plain websites that load slowly. Because mobile traffic grows every year, it has become increasingly important to make your website responsive.

What is UI design? User interface and usability are subsets of UX design. All of these elements, however, are essential for achieving the best custom website designs.

What does a UX Company do?

#1 User Experience (UX) Company

UX companies integrate design, product development, strategy, and market research to create unique and engaging user experiences for various processes, services, and more. A user experience design company acts as a bridge to the customer so that it can understand and fulfill different expectations and needs. The main goal is to make the final product as accessible and user-friendly as possible. In order to meet the target user’s desires, business viability and technical feasibility are integrated into the design thinking process.

UX designers care about how products feel and how individual design elements flow from one step to the next. By detecting both verbal and non-verbal stumbling blocks, UX companies can refine and iterate to create the best possible user experiences. Other key roles and responsibilities include:

  • Designing wireframes
  • Developing mockups
  • Defining UI specifications, user task flows, and interactions.
  • Incorporating a brand’s visual identity into website features
  • … and more.

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