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Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

Top Developers

SmartSites is pleased to announce that we are #1 on three lists:

  • Leading Digital Marketing Service Providers and Internet Marketing Agencies
  • Leading SEO Consulting Service Providers and Hire SEO Firms
  • Best Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Firms and AdWords Management Agencies

Our company sees this recognition as a true testament to our unwavering commitment of delivering high quality work, both within the online marketing industry and with clients.


TopDevelopers was established to help technically accelerate businesses; a trusted review platform and directory for IT service providers. Today, the platform continues to provide business owners with well-researched lists of the most successful UI/UX design firms, Internet of Things firms, web development firms, mobile app development firms, e-commerce development firms, digital marketing firms, and cloud computing firms.’s lists of IT companies are graded through discreet analysis and research to help businesses search for the right technical partner. That is why companies will get maximum exposure and significant marketing benefits by being listed on the platform. Business owners can enhance their brands’ image by maintaining a professional profile and featuring appropriate client reviews on TopDevelopers. All of these elements will help improve the company’s position in organic search results.

Understanding TopDevelopers’ Methodology

Without proper guidelines and knowledge about which kinds of companies will provide the web services which one desires for, searching for a service provider quickly becomes a daunting task. In order to resolve these issues, TopDevelopers developed gauging standards to compile focused and well-mapped listings of digital companies. Below are the platform’s key research methodology components:

Certifications, awards, and honors: TopDevelopers shortlists a company if it has a consistent track record of providing its customers with their desired products and services. That is why the platform looks into past and recent certifications and awards.

Customer reviews: Feedback helps business owners understand the actual services and products that are provided by their potential technical partners. The better the reviews, the better the rankings on TopDevelopers’ lists.

Quality of work: TopDevelopers will evaluate unbiased responses, references and feedback provided by an entrant’s clients via different sources. The platform determines if the company was able to consistently deliver on its promises.

Reliability and credibility: These factors indicate how loyal customers are to a certain business. TopDevelopers’ reliability standard is comprised of four vital metrics: social media following, company experience, market penetration, and market presence.

Ability to deliver: The ability to deliver has a prime position in the platform’s gauging standards. It analyzes the duration a service provider takes to develop and deliver a solution, from the time an idea is conveyed to the company.

Take Your Business to the Next Level with SmartSites’ Digital Marketing Services!

If you are looking for a digital marketing agency to manage your AdWords campaigns, design a new website, or improve organic search rankings, look no further than SmartSites. Our company is dedicated to helping you succeed in today’s digital marketing landscape.

As a leading firm on TopDevelopers’ lists, enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that we will deliver top-notch solutions to meet your online marketing needs.