SmartSites Partner Reviews: Direct Mail Gifting Automation

Michael Melen
Michael Melen


SmartSites Partner

These days, marketers are opting for the digital approach. Because these spaces are becoming increasingly competitive, SmartSites has been considering other channels to make our business stand out. We are pleased to announce that our digital marketing agency has been leveraging direct mail gifting to achieve our goals. Instead of bombarding our clients with emails everyday, we have been sending tangible goodies and other physical correspondence to increase the likelihood of recipients patronizing our business.

The Discovery of Direct Mail Marketing and Gifting

While it is important to gain influence and expand it, we felt that establishing meaningful relationships should also be part of that process. Sure, the Internet and smart technologies have made communicating with others easier than before. However, the problem is people may be fighting for the attention of the same target audience. Fortunately, SmartSites has discovered the concept of strategic gifting through direct mail. 

We Needed a Solution that Helps Reduce Our Customer Acquisition Costs

If you have launched PPC marketing campaigns before, chances are that you are aware of the cost of each click. High keyword competition translates to higher CPCs (Cost Per Click). In addition, your company may need to cover the cost of demonstrating various products and services to prospects, which may not guarantee that they will sign a contract with you. Well, the show still has to go on. Marketing is essential for a business’ survival.

Introducing It is a venture-backed, well-financed, and privately held company that’s headquartered in San Luis Obispo, California. is recognized as a leading sales and marketing engagement platform. Since its inception, it has been empowering small businesses and enterprises through automated direct mail, charitable giving, and corporate gifting. Their solutions have helped companies deliver excellent ROI via the integration and automation of online and offline marketing strategies. solutions have enabled SmartSites to automate the process of sending tangible promotional materials and corporate gifts to prospects and clients. We saved time and resources on renewing old accounts, upselling, and cross-selling. From our experience, has proven to be incredibly useful for targeting high ticket sales. Therefore, insurance, mortgage lenders, industrial, real estate, and B2B are several industries that will find handy.

Why SmartSites Loves

Awesome Gift Marketplace

Postal Marketplace features a wide array of gifts from local vendors. You can find products like brochures, notecards, postcards, gift cards (e.g., Starbucks, Apple and Callaway), electronics, books, coffee, Kindle e-readers, champagnes, cameras, headphones, sunglasses, boxes of chocolates, and much more. The best thing is these gifts can be customized and sent to multiple recipients in minutes. You heard  that correctly. Thanks to’s local and national retailer and warehousing partners, your corporate gifts can be sent to anywhere in the United States. also offers meaningful gifts like charitable eCards. Gift recipients can donate funds to a charity of their choice (over 1.8 million charities to choose from).

Reasonable Billing Practices

We picked because of their pay-as-you-go system. For a small SaaS fee, we could start using their direct mail gifting services to connect with prospects. In fact, you can get started for free and their Professional plan (basic) starts from just $19 per month. Companies can also customize their plans according to how they plan to scale their businesses. Surprisingly, does not overcharge gifts from the marketplace. Everything is reasonably priced here. 

Message Personalization

From company logos to customers’ names to graphics, you can add these design elements to gift packaging such as wooden boxes. You can take it up a notch by making your emails to look more realistic — check out’s handwriting fonts. If you experience brain farts or want to save time, feel free to browse through’s library of template messages for ideas and inspiration. There’s more. adds useful abilities such as printing QR codes that link to your personalized thank-you videos for VIP customers. 

Overall Innovative Platform

By using, SmartSites has increased the efficiency and convenience of sending corporate gifts. The platform allows us to set triggers and playbooks and engage our customers according to the actions they take during marketing campaigns. Sending messages and gifts are just a few clicks away.

Due to’s integrations with Salesforce, HubSpot, SalesLoft, and Outreach, businesses can create, import, and manage their contacts with ease. If you are using a system that’s not currently integrated with, don’t worry; you can import contacts from an Excel file. The platform will be rolling out more integrations in the near future. 

The Right Gift at the Right Time Makes a Difference

Sending high-quality gifts to recipients when they least expect them typically gets their full attention and appreciation. For example, you can schedule gifts to be sent during the holiday season. Alternatively, you may need to apologize to a customer due to making a mistake. Sending a box of chocolates and a personalized note can help build goodwill. 

If you are interested in growing your business with innovative solutions like, do not hesitate to consult with your project manager and learn more about this SmartSites partner.