SmartSites Partner Reviews: Intercom Live Chat

Michael Melen
Michael Melen


SmartSites Partners intercom review

At SmartSites, we are aware that consumers now have a bigger say in the sales process and want their voice to be heard. That’s why our digital marketing company looked for a solution that enables us to respond quickly to customers and deliver authentic, on-demand selling experiences. 

We Needed a Reliable Live Chat Software

Thankfully, we found Intercom. According to the live chat company, over 80 percent of website visitors are likely to convert to customers if they can chat with businesses first. Live chat is a popular messaging channel that allows visitors and existing customers to chat with companies in real-time. This type of software helps companies build personal and direct relationships with customers.

About Intercom

Founded in 2011, Intercom is recognized as the world’s first conversational relationship platform; a live chat solution at its core. Their goal was to help businesses build strong customer relationships and deliver personalized, messenger-based experiences through smart chatbots. Today, Intercom is used by over 30,000 businesses, including Shopify, Udemy, Facebook, Microsoft, Sotheby’s, IBM, and more.

Unlike other chat services, Intercom does not have operators on the other side. Users think of all the possible questions prospects may ask and present several answers (buttons) for them to choose from. Depending on which button they clicked, they will be taken through different sales cadences.

For example, your chatbot may ask:

“Good afternoon, how can I help you?”

  1. I’d like to buy a new car.
  2. I’d like to send my car in for servicing.

If the visitor selects A, the chatbot proceeds to ask the type of vehicle they are looking for, i.e., sedans, SUVs, crossovers, etc.

If the visitor selects B, the chatbot proceeds to request their contact information. Your team follow-ups by setting up an appointment date as agreed with the customer.

Now, remember that these processes can be automated. So, sit back, relax, and let Intercom take care of the rest.

Why SmartSites Loves Intercom

Intercom allows our company to add another touchpoint where customers can get an immediate response. In addition to the easy setup process, it is Intercom’s simplicity that captured our attention. The platform enabled us to provide excellent customer support via an organized system.

Next, Intercom Messenger (a chat widget) offers unrivaled live chat user experiences on both desktop browsers and mobile devices. Our team can now craft personal replies within the app or through email. In addition, we can share useful resources (e.g., articles, images, and videos) to supplement our answers. 

At SmartSites, we are making progress in terms of increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty through the use of Intercom.

Does Intercom Suit Your Business?

At SmartSites, we feel that Intercom is more suitable for mid-market companies. Businesses may find the live chat software handy when they want to manage a customer’s conversations (including emails) in a single feed. This way, customer service representatives don’t have to waste time searching for what other team members have said. 

Because Intercom tracks customer data and a wide array of user attributes, it can be useful for businesses that want to create a database of customer profiles. This data helps companies better understand what their customers are experiencing and consequently, improve their services and offerings. 

If you are a small business owner who only wants a live chat operator solution (without all the data, reporting, and user tracking features), you won’t be able to maximize Intercom’s monthly subscription plans. The live chat platform’s plans start from $39/month, but the most popular choice is Accelerate ($499/month). Of course, business owners can customize their plans via various add-ons.

Still not sure? Don’t worry; Intercom enables businesses to try their live chat software for free before committing to a plan. Feel free to contact SmartSites or your project manager for more information on how to get started.