SmartSites Leads Conversion Rate Optimization Video Series For Privy Masterclass+

Ashley Ismailovski
Ashley Ismailovski

Director of Email Marketing

Conversion Rate Optimization

One of the biggest misconceptions about Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is that brands think that everything starts and stops with A/B testing. CRO, however, is a process and can be employed across any marketing channel. If you are interested in learning CRO best practices, check out Privy Masterclass+. It’s a collection of expert-led, FREE video courses designed to help business owners boost their stores’ conversion rates.

Ashley Ismailovski, CRO Operations Manager at SmartSites, spearheads the Complete Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization series in the Masterclass+ course. She walks through tips on how to raise conversion rates in Displays, Email, SMS, and Website Design. Hopefully, SmartSites can help businesses like yours grow faster than ever.

Below is an overview of the modules and knowledge you can expect to acquire from these videos.

Module 1: Understanding Conversion Rate Optimization

The first module defines Conversion Rate Optimization, explains how it is calculated, and discusses its importance and the roles it plays in marketing strategies. CRO is the process of systematically improving your advertising methods and increasing the probability of prospects taking preferred actions (i.e. converting). For example, you may be an eCommerce business owner who wants to convert more website visitors into paying customers.

The basic formula of calculating your conversion rate  is dividing the total number of website visitors by the number of successful conversions, and multiplying that number by 100 to get a percentage. A healthy conversion rate is anywhere between 2 and 5%. This rate, however, varies from industry to industry.

Conversion rate optimization is important as it helps businesses get more value from site visitors and existing subscribers, while lowering overall acquisition costs. These benefits include acquiring new customers, increasing revenue per visitor, and ultimately growing your business.

Module 2: CRO Best Practices for Pop-Ups

In this module, Ashley will review several best practices for using pop-ups and onsite displays. Additionally, she will go over how they can be used to grow your subscriber lists and increase your conversion rates. The spotlight will be on these strategies: incentivizing sign-ups, implementing personalized cross-sells via Privy, and taking advantage of on-site cart savers with exit-intent offers.

It is important to note that average readers will not give their email addresses to just anyone. Therefore, marketers need to communicate what these individuals will get in exchange for their email. For example, you can provide free access to online webinars, download eBooks, special offers for first-time email registrants (i.e., 25% off for the first purchase), and more.

Why should eCommerce businesses cross-sell? This strategy helps increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), improve customer satisfaction, and increase sales revenue. Ashley Ismailovski demonstrates how to use Privy to personalize cross-sells and enable a granular view to track promotions shown to customers. 

Cart abandonment occurs when site visitors add items to their carts and leaves the eCommerce website without making the purchase. In some cases, these individuals need encouragement to complete the checkout or continue shopping. Learn how to notify leaving visitors of their cart through free shipping, discount coupons, and more.

Module 3: CRO Best Practices for Email Marketing

  • Module 3A: Email complements a variety of paid and social marketing strategies. After directing a visitor to your website for the first time, make the effort to retain these hard-earned customers and generate repeat purchases. This module consists of three videos:
  • Module 3B: Learn how to maximize open rates with email marketing best practices, including crafting better subject lines, avoiding making spelling mistakes, using your brand’s unique voice, creating a sense of urgency, and more. Understand essential list segmentation strategies to send more relevant content to your email subscribers.
  • Module 3C: Use A/B testing correctly to improve your campaigns and automations. By testing one variable at a time, you can attribute a campaign’s success to the right change.

Module 4: CRO Best Practices for SMS

SMS marketing is a huge untapped potential that can serve as an effective tool for improvement. Today, mobile phone usage has become the standard amongst consumers. Additionally, a significant portion of the world’s population own a smartphone, tablet, and other cellular-enabled IoT devices. It is important to send SMSs to increase awareness, interest, desire, and encourage prospects to take action. To make these concepts easier to understand, we have prepared three videos:

  • Module 4A: Covers personalized messaging and automations.
  • Module 4B: Covers the best ways to plan and send those campaigns.
  • Module 4C: Shares ways to create synergies with other marketing channels using SMS marketing.

Module 5: CRO Best Practices for Website Design

In this final module, Ashley Ismailovski will discuss the potential reasons for seeing high bounce rates onsite. You may have a high-quality site that is easy to navigate. People, however, are still visiting your page and leaving almost immediately. Are you giving users too many choices? Are there too many steps in the checkout process? Are visitors bombarded with multiple popups? Don’t worry; SmartSites shares several best practices to achieve a user-friendly design for main landing pages, product pages, and the checkout page. At SmartSites, we certainly hope that you will be more comfortable discussing CRO with your marketing teams after this masterclass series. If you need a refresh on any of the topics, feel free to revisit these videos. Alternatively, you can visit or contact us to discuss more CRO strategies.