SmartSites Hits A New Record With 200 Google Reviews

Clement Foo
Clement Foo

Digital Content Manager

Google Reviews

Search engines are used daily to search for a wide spectrum of information, products, and services. Chances are you might have heard of or used search engines like Bing, Yahoo!, and The search engine that still holds the crown, however, is Google! It is one of the most used and trusted platforms with a search market share of over 70 percent (93.99 percent for mobile traffic). Therefore, Google reviews can affect the reputation of businesses online and offline.

Google Reviews have a Significant Impact on Businesses of All Sizes

In addition to search rankings, Google can help improve the overall SEO efforts of businesses. Online reviews from customers serve as signals to search engines that communicate authority and trustworthiness. Google reviews do increase brand trust! Transparency is increasingly relevant for consumers as they tend to research businesses before purchasing services or products. A significant portion of this research involves reading Google reviews to determine the quality of a local business.

Business owners should not fear negative reviews because they can be turned into positive ones. When a reviewer leaves a bad review about your business, don’t panic or worry; it indicates that your business needs to improve customer interactions and enhance its customer service strategy. It is important to note that you cannot please everyone. As long as you give it your best shot every time, your positive Google reviews will eventually outweigh the negative ones.

SmartSites Hits A New Record of 200 Google Reviews

At SmartSites, we care about customer satisfaction and through our hard work, we have managed to receive 200 Google Reviews from our esteemed customers. The icing on the cake is that most of the reviews are 5-star, and we have an overall rating of 4.9 on Google Reviews.

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