SmartSites Featured In UpCity’s Article About Essential Digital Marketing KPIs

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

digital marketing KPIs

This article, Essential Digital Marketing KPIs To Track In Your Next Campaign, was published on UpCity in June 2022. SmartSites’ CRO Operations Manager, Ashley Ismailovski, was quoted in the article as a contributing expert in marketing strategy, SEO, and email marketing. SmartSites has been named one of the Top Digital Marketing Agencies by UpCity.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, many businesses are keen to get back into the game, and digital marketing plays a large part in that. Knowing the right KPIs to track will allow businesses to derive the actionable insights they require. With a wide range of trackable metrics out there, it is in the best interests of businesses to focus on the ones that bear the most direct relevance to their goals. 

UpCity has worked with digital marketers across many different agencies to put this article together, sharing the insights that each has revealed. Altogether, UpCity corresponded with more than 15 experienced players in the digital marketing sphere. From the responses they have received, some of the essential KPIs to watch out for include lead sources, page views, cost per lead, website traffic, and lead-to-visitor conversion rates.

As an online platform that connects owners of SMEs with highly rated B2B service providers that have been certified trustworthy, UpCity reached out to a few select digital marketers specializing in different areas, including SEO and social media. Ashley shared her thoughts on how website traffic is linked to conversion rates and how this should be acted upon. 

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