SmartSites Featured In Klaviyo’s Page On Ecommerce Email Marketing Benchmarks for Q3 2022

Deniz Piatt
Deniz Piatt

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Ecommerce Email Marketing

An article on ecommerce email marketing benchmarks, Ecommerce Email Benchmarks By Industry, was published on Klaviyo in Q3 2022. Ashley Ismailovski (SmartSites’ CRO Operations Manager) was quoted on the page regarding her thoughts on how email performance can be improved. As an award-winning online marketing agency based in New Jersey, SmartSites has helped thousands of clients achieve the results they need to grow their business.

Regardless of the specific industry you operate in, email marketing is a large part of reaching out to customers. Did you know that 99% of email users check their inbox every day? Despite popular misconception that email marketing is dying out, there are many good reasons businesses should pay more attention to the email marketing benchmarks of their industry. By following several best practices, such as sending emails on Fridays (when clients are most likely to open them), businesses can optimize the chances of their emails being read.

Business owners who make use of email marketing need to track the performance of their campaigns and implement practices to meet their customers where they are at. While this can require some market research into the target demographic of each business, there are many commonalities that can be leveraged on across industries. This is where Klaviyo’s solutions come in. Whether your business would benefit from trying out A/B email segmentation or sending out personalized emails based on consumer behavior, it is easy to do so from Klaviyo’s intuitive customer platform.

Klaviyo’s article covers 8 best practices for implementing an email marketing solution that works. Ashley contributed tips on how to reach customers where they are most likely to be at:

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As nearly 46% of all emails are now opened on a mobile device, it is essential for businesses to make sure their content is easy to read and view on a phone. The importance of creating mobile-friendly email designs should not be overlooked as an increasing number of customers turn to checking their inboxes on the go, thanks to the hectic lifestyles we now lead. Mobile device optimization is something that can go hand in hand with all other aspects of a comprehensive digital marketing solution.