SmartSites Featured In Klaviyo’s Article On Building A Loyal Customer Base With Lifecycle Marketing

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Zachary Krall

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building a loyal customer base with lifecycle marketing

How to build a loyal customer base through lifecycle marketing: tips for the 5 stages of the marketing funnel was published on Klaviyo in October 2022. Ashley Ismailovski, Director of Email Marketing at SmartSites, was featured for her insights on how to engage customers at the top and bottom of the marketing funnel. SmartSites is based in New Jersey and specializes in many aspects of digital marketing.

Why Lifecycle Marketing Is Crucial

You may already know that it’s rare for customers to convert upon their first interaction with your brand. On top of that, customers who have made a previous purchase or engaged your services once may stop interacting with your brand altogether. Here is where lifecycle marketing comes in to build trust and retain customers beyond that first contact they make with your brand. 

Did you know that in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, almost 80% of merchants stated that they were expecting to rely on their existing customers to revive their business? Lifecycle marketing is all about customizing the most suitable message to different groups of customers, who are at distinct stages in the lifecycle. 

Winning Strategies to Implement in Your Lifecycle Marketing Campaign

When implementing an effective lifecycle marketing strategy, you will first need to break down your customer base into different groups. From there, you will be able to determine whether the message that will most appeal to them is one of awareness, engagement or consideration. For instance, new site visitors who have yet to make a purchase will require a marketing message geared towards brand awareness, whereas customers with abandoned carts will benefit more from content geared towards consideration.

One important statistic to keep in mind is that personalized emails get opened 50% more often! Yet, personalized emails are hugely underutilized by brands. By starting an email with a greeting and your customer’s name, the chances of them opening it and reengaging with your brand increases significantly. When your customer opens it and what they see prompts them to find out more or take action, you will have them right where you want them.

Engaging Customers At Each Turn

At first glance, it can seem like too much work to introduce lifecycle marketing into your brand’s overall marketing strategy. However, you can be sure that the benefits are well worth it as each group of customers responds to the message that has been devised just for them.

Klaviyo’s article covers the different stages of the customer lifecycle and how to engage them at each turn. According to Ashley, there are strategies to engage customers at both ends of the marketing funnel, and neither group should be missed out:

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