SmartSites Featured In Klaviyo’s Article About Turning Browse Abandonments Into Conversions

Stephanie Patti
Stephanie Patti

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Turn window shoppers into buyers: 18 browse abandonment email tips and examples was published on Klaviyo in June 2022. SmartSites’ CRO Operations Manager, Ashley Ismailovski, was invited to share her insights on how brands can move customers along the conversion funnel using an automated browse abandonment flow. SmartSites is a New Jersey based digital marketing agency that specializes in various aspects, including email marketing.

Browse abandonment usually occurs at the research stage in the buyer’s journey. Customers who are shopping around for the best options tend to check out a few different retailers before making a purchase decision. As this process can take days and even weeks, buyers can start to lose track of all the choices they have come across. Here is where browse abandonment emails come in to bring these buyers back into the fold. 

In contrast with cart abandonment, customers who are at the browse abandonment stage may not be ready to move ahead with a purchase. They may simply be window shopping or are still in the process of weighing up their options. Hence, the best strategy to take would not be to entice a time-sensitive purchase, as would be the case with cart abandonments. Instead, businesses would do best to provide these customers with the information they need to come to a decision.

Business owners who are already making use of email marketing can reach out to this group of customers through browse abandonment emails. From customers who have viewed a specific product to those who have made a one-time purchase and stopped engaging afterwards, browse abandonment emails can be personalized to target each segment. With the use of an email marketing platform such as Klaviyo, this process can be simplified. Whether a product recommendation is more appropriate or it’s time to induce a sense of urgency in the customer, it’s easy to customize emails that serve the exact purpose it’s needed for with Klaviyo. 

Klaviyo’s article covers 12 best practices for sending out browse abandonment emails. Ashley contributed tips on how businesses can reach out to this segment of customers and drive their interest:

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