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Stephanie Patti

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This article, Improve Your Average Email Click-Through Rates: Tips + Benchmarks By Industry From Q1 2022, was published on Klaviyo on May 4, 2022. SmartSites’ CRO Operations Manager, Ashley Ismailovski, was quoted in the article for an insight she had shared on crafting effective subject lines.

What are Email Click-Through Rates?

Click-through rate (CTR) is an important metric for evaluating your overall email marketing performance. Additionally, clicks, opens, and deliverability are factors that affect email click rates. CTRs of emails are typically calculated by the number of subscribers who have clicked on at least one link in an email marketing campaign. Simply divide the number of clicks by the number of emails you have sent to get the CTR.

What is a Healthy Email Click-Through Rate?

The average eCommerce email CTR is approximately 3.62%, especially for brands on Klaviyo. It is important to note that this rate varies from email to email. According to Klaviyo, automated emails and workflows (i.e., flows) achieved a 5.82% average click rate in the first quarter of 2022. Campaigns (one-off emails) had a 1.42% average click rate.

How can a Business Improve their Click-Through Rate if it’s Low?

Business owners and campaign managers can start by improving their emails’ subject lines. The subject of an email is like the headline to an article or the cover of a book. In most cases, your window of opportunity to capture a reader’s attention is small. Therefore, you should aim to get their attention with an email subject line that conveys urgency. One that implores readers to click now by including fast-approaching or using powerful language.

According to SmartSites’ Ashley Ismailovski, you should also keep your email subject lines brief and concise:

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