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Christopher Scott

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Your guide to welcome email automation excellence: welcome email examples and 14 tips from industry experts was published on Klaviyo in May 2022. Ashley Ismailovski, the CRO Operations Manager at SmartSites, was invited to share her thoughts on how to best reach out to customers through automating welcome emails. SmartSites, an award-winning and highly-rated digital marketing agency, is based out of New Jersey.

The Importance of Welcome Emails

Did you know that the average open rate of a welcome email is 82%? From the very first moment a customer expresses an interest in your products or services, you can make them aware of important information they should know about your brand. And that’s not all – if you go one step further and personalize your emails, the open rate goes up by an astounding 50%! Despite this, many businesses are still overlooking the importance of welcome emails.

Business owners who make use of email marketing need to take into account when personalization is most effective. By automating this process, time and effort can be saved without compromising on results. This is where Klaviyo comes in to offer personalization tools that allows businesses to reach customers with the content that is most relevant to them. Their range of tools include email segmentation that takes into account the real-time behavior of customers.

Email Personalization Is Most Effective

Strengthening the customer experience is the number one aim of email personalization. Customers want to be seen as individuals, and by taking the time to apply content to each customer’s behavior, businesses are sending across the message that they care. Studies have shown that marketers who make use of email personalization can expect to see an average of 20% increase in sales.

Many businesses implement personalization in their wider online marketing campaign, but fail to do so when it comes to welcome emails. As your brand’s only chance to make a first impression, taking into account the different categories these customers fall into can help in customizing content that will prompt them along the customer journey. 

For instance, customers who have yet to make a first purchase can be enticed with a discount code, whereas those who have already made a purchase may benefit from product recommendations to complement the product they have already purchased.

What Can Be Done to Create a Successful Welcome Email Automation Campaign?

Klaviyo’s article covers 14 best practices for automating welcome emails. According to Ashley, personalization can be utilized within welcome emails for the best results:

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