SmartSites Earns A Spot On Best Company’s 2023 Companies To Watch List

Sam Chadson Ng
Sam Chadson Ng

Director of Content

2023 Companies to Watch

Finding companies that showcase significant promise in their respective industries is no small feat. However, the annual Companies to Watch list by Best Company, a consumer review site renowned for its transparent ranking system, does this remarkably well. This year, we are excited to announce that SmartSites, an award-winning digital marketing agency, is among the 28 distinguished companies on the 2023 Companies to Watch list.

Setting the Bar in the Business Services Category

This year, SmartSites is the only company to be recognized in the Business Services category. This accolade underscores our impressive financial performance, innovation in services, unwavering focus on our clients, and influential leadership. The honor is especially notable, as it comes from a platform that values honest consumer feedback and strictly prohibits manipulated or suppressed reviews.

A Ranking System That Values Transparency

Best Company’s ranking system is admired for its 100% transparency. It solely relies on genuine consumer reviews. The unique “Best Rank” algorithm evaluates companies based on three significant parameters: the average score of reviews (72.5%), the volume of reviews (22.5%), and the company’s responsiveness to reviews (5%).

Every review is subjected to a rigorous seven-point check by Best Company’s Review Integrity Team. To be considered for the list, a company must have at least 10 published reviews. More weight is given to recent reviews, especially those from the last six months, as well as feedback from verified paying customers.

An Acknowledgement of SmartSites’ Dedication

Being named to Best Company’s list signifies recognition of our unyielding commitment to our customers and our relentless drive for innovation. Our robust growth rates and influential leadership in the Business Services sector, coupled with successful new initiatives and excellent customer service, show our dedication to constantly pushing boundaries and delivering the best to our clientele.

Our standing is further reinforced by our responsiveness to feedback. With Best Company accounting for a company’s responsiveness rate, particularly towards reviews that score three stars or lower, our prompt response to feedback underscores our customer-centric philosophy.

Looking Ahead

Earning a spot on the 2023 Companies to Watch list solidifies SmartSites’ position as a front-runner in the Business Services category. This accolade affirms our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional services and our relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction. It serves as a strong motivation for us to continue excelling in our work and setting higher standards in the online marketing sector. We see a bright future ahead for SmartSites. As we continue to innovate and exceed customer expectations, we are excited about the further recognitions and achievements on the horizon.