Why Your Small Business Needs Social Media

Elizabeth Reyn
Why Your Small Business Needs Social Media

Social media is a necessity to ensure a small business’s survival. In a time period when every click counts, the surefire way to get those clicks is by being an active presence on social media. I know, no one wants to be reliant on it, but for a small business, it seems as if the competitive advantage far outweighs any qualms you might feel about social media.

Without social media, your small business can only get so far. Family, friends, colleagues, and the occasional random individuals doing a Google search will see it. While literal word of mouth is definitely important, it’s an archaic method that is limiting. If a wide range of people can’t see your website, how are you going to get support and make money?

It’s About Your Business, Not About You

Nowadays, in order to stay above the competition, you need to do what’s best for your business. That means filling your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Plus pages with updates. Upcoming events, advertising new products or services, donation opportunities (if applicable), and other important dates should go on your pages. The more people see and share, the most likely you are to get leads.

Unlike any of your personal social media pages, your business pages should be strictly about business. Leave the party pictures on your own pages and keep it as far away from your business as possible. Party pictures increase visibility, but not the right kind, and that kind of publicity may end up hurting your business.

How the Strong Can Survive

Just because your business is small, it doesn’t mean it won’t have a big impact on Google. It’s important to optimize your pages for social media so that you can connect with other individuals and businesses. Having great SEO can mean the difference between a few people who appreciate your pages and a mass of people who will purchase what you’re selling.

Say what you will about social media, but it has the potential to enhance your business’s reputation and bring in important leads. So be sure to use it correctly and for the right reasons.

Wishing your business a positive social media experience!