Sirmabekian Law Firm Takes On Business With A New SEO-Friendly WordPress Website

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

SEO-friendly WordPress website

SmartSites is pleased to announce the launch of Sirmabekian Law Firm’s new and improved SEO-friendly WordPress website. Previously, the law firm was making use of a website design that was outdated and needed improving in many aspects. This included improvements to the ease of user navigation, adding eye-catching graphics and animation, optimizing content for SEO-friendliness, and more.

Based in Los Angeles, CA, the legal team at Sirmabekian Law Firm is dedicated to ensuring that their clients’ rights and interests are well-represented in a variety of aspects of employment law. From discrimination and harassment to unpaid wages and defamation, the team is committed to representing the rights of blue-collared workers and ensuring that everyone has a voice in the workforce, regardless of the industry they are in and their job designation. This is done through personalized attention that skews the odds towards a favorable outcome for workers.

With so many competing law firms out there, the team at Sirmabekian Law Firm was aware that in order to stand out, they had to develop a website that is both eye-catching and functional. To this end, they engaged the help of SmartSites to develop a website catered towards the needs of legal services. This encompasses the use of graphics in website design, providing an engaging experience for users as well as utilizing local SEO to target potential clients within their geographical service areas. Below, we take a look at the individual elements that went into building this website.

Custom WordPress Website Build

One great benefit of using WordPress for a custom website build is that users can choose exactly how they wish their site to look like. Despite using the same platform, an assortment of themes can be utilized to make websites look unique and reflect the goals and mission of the law firm. Because other high-end functionalities can be added to WordPress, Sirmabekian Law Firm created a website that is effective in categorizing their different practice areas, showcasing customer testimonials, as well as ensuring their contact details are easily accessible.

SEO-Friendly Legal Services Website

On top of a customized and updated website design, Sirmabekian Law Firm also wanted to focus on making their new site SEO-friendly. Implementing an effective SEO strategy makes it easy for websites to be crawled on Google and other search engines, increasing the chances of potential clients landing on a site which is relevant to them. An influx of organic traffic is encouraged through the utilization of local SEO, ensuring that targeted clients are based within the areas served by Sirmabekian Law Firm. SEO-friendly practices also include optimizing pages for mobile and tablet devices, ensuring fast load times for graphics and animations, as well as prioritizing scalability in view of future growth needs. If you are interested in building a SEO-friendly custom WordPress website for your legal service business, feel free to contact us at SmartSites today.