Simple Tips To Boost Your Instagram Reach

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

Simple Tips To Boost Your Instagram Reach

Today, it is a norm for businesses to use Instagram posts to gain more visibility. Check it out, many big brands that you know are already on Instagram. If you are determined to get new users to find you, follow you, and build a relationship with you, you have come to the right place. Here are some simple yet effective strategies to boost your Instagram reach.

Post at Multiple Peak Times

Next, you need to publish your posts at peak times. These are the times when your followers naturally feel more inclined to engage with and see your posts. What’s more, you may even capture the attention of users who stumble on you via Instagram’s ‘Explore’ section. Now, the trick is to post at multiple peak times. Don’t just settle for one because it’s not enough! For instance, your peak times may be Mondays at 2.30am, Wednesdays at noon, and Saturdays at 8pm. You need to meet these peak posting times if you want to get more eyes on your content.

Consider Running Instagram Ads

A good way to increase your reach in Instagram is to run Instagram Ads. Don’t worry. The chances of screwing up at this task is extremely low. You see, Instagram Ads leverage Facebook’s stellar targeting system, and that’s why you are given an array of ad formats to choose from. These formats include:

  • Instagram story ads
  • Mobile app download ads
  • Single image ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Video ads

You can have peace of mind knowing that Instagram Ads are designed to deliver exceptional ads to members of your target audience. Yes, people who you have not connected with yet. If you are determined to expand your reach to a completely new audience, don’t forget to add this targeting criterion: Exclude people who like your page.

Use New Hashtags

An organic way to boost your Instagram reach is to use new and relevant hashtags in your posts. Avoid overusing the same old hashtags over and over again. As long as they are still relevant to your audience, feel free to use a mix of general hashtags, industry-specific hashtags, and trending hashtags that appeal to a large audience. Research has shown that Instagrams posts that feature over 11 hashtags tend to get the most engagement.

Use Live Stories

Instagram allows its users to publish something called live stories. These are live broadcasts that can give you an extra boost in visibility in the app’s explore section by reeling in new viewers. What’s more, it sends a notification to your existing followers that you are live.  The fact that your video is happening right now is often enough to get users to click. Good news. Instagram live videos can be used for boosting a small business’s reach as well.

Post with Engagement As a Goal

Instagram has adopted an algorithm that is pretty similar to Facebook’s, and that has increased the difficulty of getting views. It is no longer about just selling or increasing product awareness. You have to engage your followers in real-time. Even if you are not doing a short video clip, you have to make sure that your post is the engaging element. For instance, you can ask your followers which of three of your products they prefer. You can also invite them to post their answers in your comment section. This practice will not only make you look great with social proof, but keep you at the top of the feed as well.