SEO Tips For Your Home Decor Blog

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

SEO Tips For Your Home Decor Blog

Have you just started your own home decor business? Perhaps, the next step you are taking is to inform the world about it. Today, there is a wide range of marketing techniques available, but building a blog remains as a stellar way to market your business online.

If you want to develop a blog with a strong following, you will need to perform proper SEO to market your home decor blog. You need to optimize your content so that Google and other search engines can rank it favorably, directing more traffic to your site! Let’s find out how you can perform search engine optimization on your home decor blog.

Get Your Blog Indexed by Google

Before you make any major optimization to your blog, you need to submit your website to Google first. You need to allow the search engine to crawl and index your site. It is your blog’s way of telling Google what is in store for potential visitors. Today, most blogging platforms complete this task for you, but you can still do your due diligence. You can index your website here – just paste your blog’s URL into the empty box and hit submit.

Remember to Tag Your Stories

This step involves tagging your stories and keeping your content organized via the site’s categorization tools. Instead of using abstract phrases or cutesy acronyms like DOTD, go for more literal and descriptive tags like living room décor or decorative mirrors. When you make your site’s content straightforward, you give yourself a leg up when someone searches for relevant terms.

Build Inbound Links

Search engines tend to listen to whatever authoritative websites have to say. By linking out to other authoritative sites, Google will start to think better of you. Another way to see this is it increases your social climbing for SEO rankings. It shows the search engines that your content is well-sourced and legitimate.

Give Proper Names to Your Image Files and Insert Alt Text

Apart from assessing the integrity and the pixels of an image, major search engines also index the image file name as they crawl through your site. The problem with search engines is that they cannot read images. They rely on the information you wrote to describe the image in the image alt text. That’s why it is pertinent that you optimize the image file name for search engines. You can do so by asking yourself the possible terms that one might type into Google to find that image. Let’s say that you are posting an image of a countertop. You can title the image as “natural-stone-countertop.jpg” and natural stone countertop as the image alt text. If a potential visitor does an image search for this item, your image from this post will come up. This means that you get more traffic to your post!

Use Anchor Text Strategically

In your blog posts, you should have the habit of sharing relevant articles via strategic anchor text. Anchor texts refer to the hyperlinked text in a blog post. Let’s say that you are doing a roundup of the 5 Best Curtain Trends In 2017 and you mention curtains in your post. You want to make sure you are linking the phrase “curtains,” and not an ambiguous phrase like “the beautiful textiles and fabrics” You earn good SEO karma when search engines find out your site is helping other readers discover useful content on other websites.