Secrets Behind A Winning PPC Landing Page

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

Secrets Behind A Winning PPC Landing Page

A well-designed PPC landing page has the ability to get one’s targeted audience to take action. When you design such pages for your pay-per-click campaigns, it is pertinent that you hit the right triggers. The question is how? Fortunately, there is a basic recipe you can adhere to when you are creating dedicated PPC landing pages for your business. Let’s find out the secrets that can make your landing pages a winner!

Show How Awesome Your Business Is

There are businesses out there that are willing to go the extra mile – to wait for it – to bend the truth about their companies just to attract customers. Unfortunately, this is one of the top causes of individuals finding it hard to take businesses for their words these days. When your business aims to bypass a prospect’s initial concerns, the last thing you would want to do is to draw more skepticism from them. Hence, you should considering highlighting your product or service through genuine testimonials and reviews provided by your current customers. You can even feature customer quotes from well-known brands to build the needed level of trust in potential customers’ minds.

Shorten Content in Your Landing Pages if Needed

Not everyone has the time or patience to sit through lengthy and potentially boring landing pages. Hence, you should keep in mind to opt for brevity. To create short-form PPC landing pages, simply be succinct with your sentences and implement bulleted lists in places that make sense. Just to be fair, long-form landing pages have their benefits too. They can be used to tell an engaging story to users. However, if the story in those pages lack cohesion, the readers will quickly drop off due to being bored. To add on, the key to writing stellar content is to know what your end goal is. And this knowledge can be acquired from PPC reports.

Keep Opt-In Forms with the Right Amount of Brevity

It is understandable that sales professionals require detailed prospect information before going into further sales discussions. However, some prospects may find filling out forms with too fields a hassle, which also increases your page’s bounce rates. That’s why you should only include the necessary fields for the prospects to advance to the next phase in your sales funnel. Getting the individual’s first name, last name, and email should be sufficient for the first round.

Achieve the Right Balance for Your Images and Visuals

In today’s time, the liberal use of stock images does not hold much significance towards the service or product being offered. Your focus needs to be on unique graphics, videos, and images. Those elements also need to complement and reinforce the call-to-action and message. Investing some time to do a quality job of image selection can help strengthen a potential client’s experience and even win them over with a conversion.

Stop Beating around the Bush

You have a great product or service on hand. You know it can benefit your targeted audience in many different ways. The best thing you can do now is to be crystal clear and up front about how you are going to make their lives better. If you have any relevant statistics stored away in your database, you can pinned the most impressive figures you have on the top of your landing page. People want to know that your product actually works!