Why You Should Say Yes To WordPress CMS

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

Why You Should Say Yes To WordPress CMS

When WordPress is mentioned, what is your impression about this content management system (CMS)?

Is it just for blogs? No, it not just for personal blogs.

Can it be used to build professional websites? Yes, you can build professional websites for your business by using the WordPress CMS.

Even established brands such as New York Times, Mercedes-Benz, CNN, Harvard Business Review, and Vogue are using the WordPress CMS. If it is good enough for government sites in the United States such as the Library of Congress, surely WordPress is robust enough for your needs as well. Let’s find out more reasons on why you should say yes to WordPress!

WordPress is Reliable and is Backed by an Established Community

WordPress meets all guidelines of the World Wide Web Consortium, and work in all modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and more. The WordPress CMS follows best practices as laid out by Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Another great feature about WordPress is the community backing it. This community comprises expert testers, coders, and other notable contributors. WordPress is not like other software that is only marketed, developed, or maintained by a single company or team. There are thousands of dedicated and talented individuals behind it. That’s why improvements, fixes, and updates are able to be rolled out in a consistent manner.

You Do Not Need to Start from Scratch for Every Project

WordPress is a leading content management system that provides developers with all the basics they need to develop a site. This means they do not have to create a project anew each time. In addition, the system is ready to be customized to one’s liking. Even if you do not have a web developer and you are not really computer-savvy, you can still add and style their posts pretty easily. What’s more, one can pick where a developer has left off without much difficulty.

WordPress is Flexible and Easily Scalable

One of the important things you should know about WordPress is that it is licensed under the GNU General Public License. The GPL license allows you to distribute, copy, and use the software itself, i.e., you have full copyright to the content and styling you add. Since you are granted complete functional and creative freedom, as long as something can be coded, you are good to go.

WordPress is One of the Most Secure Content Management Systems in the World

For those who are security-conscious, you can have peace of mind knowing that WordPress is secured by Automattic. The company comprises a security team of more than 20 experts who are responsible for making sure the platform’s core is guarded from cyber attacks such as viruses, malware injections, trojans, and more.

WordPress is Key to Building Responsive Sites

Having a responsive site is a must in this digital age. It means that your website has the ability to perform well across a wide range of devices used to access the web. Since more people now access the Internet via mobile devices, you should not think about making your site look good for only desktop computers. If you want your site to perform better for SEO, the responsiveness of your website has to be addressed. The more people you can reach through various devices, the more you score for Google searches, which add to the credibility of your brand.

If you want to find out how WordPress can be utilized effectively to promote your business online, talk to us today!