Relationship-Based Engineering Firm Neglia Group Launches Newly Functional Website

Brianna Brandy
functional website

SmartSites is pleased to announce the launch of a newly improved and functional website for a civil engineering firm, Neglia Group. Previously, the engineering company’s website was not optimized for user-friendliness, making it hard for viewers to find the information they need. Basic website maintenance was also carried out to improve overall functionality. The result is a website that’s not only easy to navigate but visually appealing as well!

Founded in 1948, Neglia Group has its roots as a small family business and has been providing clients with value-added service for over 7 decades. With customer service as their number one priority, the team at Neglia introduced a range of additional services to their repertoire in 2000s and 2010s. From there, the company’s service area expanded into northern and central New Jersey as well as into New York. Originally founded as Allen and Neglia, the Neglia Group of today was established in 2021 to consolidate all their service offerings under one name.

With an increasing number of clients seeking out services through an online source, Neglia Group knew it was time to strengthen their online presence in keeping up with the services they provide. The main goal for this project was to improve the functionality of their existing website, making it more up-to-date and user-friendly. Therefore, SmartSites has adopted a simple yet modern approach in revamping the engineering firm’s website. Below, we take a closer look at some of the elements involved in this project.

Enhanced User-Friendliness Through Web Design

One major focus of this project was to enhance the user-friendliness of the existing website. To this end, the navigation bar was restructured, and a number of service pages were built. This allows web users to access the information they require on each individual service offering quickly and easily. As part of a greater web design strategy, the visual appeal of the website was also enhanced to convey a professional yet approachable image.

Addition of a Robust Careers Page

The team at Neglia Group requested the addition of a careers page where users can submit applications directly to their desired job postings. On the website, applicants can find out more information about the available roles before uploading their resumes, ensuring a seamless end-to-end process. With a contact form positioned strategically at the bottom of this page, users never have to click more than twice to get where they need to be.

Basic Website Maintenance

Basic website maintenance was carried out for Neglia Group. This ensures an error-free user experience that keeps the website running fast, increasing its reliability in viewers’ and potential customers’ eyes. The maintenance process included checking for malware, uptime monitoring, database cleanups, and more. The result is a website refresh that’s accessible, pleasing to the eyes and incredibly easy to navigate! If you are interested in improving the functionality of your industrial & commercial business website, feel free to contact our team at SmartSites! today.