Quick Checklist For Optimizing Your Landing Pages

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

Quick Checklist For Optimizing Your Landing Pages

In the world of SEO and PPC, it’s likely that you will hear the term ‘landing page’. It refers to the page you see the moment you land on a certain page after clicking on a banner and/or a link. Not to be confused with a home page, landing pages are considered to be extensions of a promotion or ad, to detail the service or product a company is offering or ‘pushing’ to its target audience.

Understanding the Purpose of Landing Pages

Landing pages are designed to convert and they are highly beneficial to your PPC campaigns. A page successfully converts when a visitor finishes his or her session by purchasing your product, downloading something you offer and/or subscribing to one of your services.

However, it is vital that you first do an auto-criticism and overview of your landing page. After that, you can focus on convincing your visitors to buy what is being offered. Just remember that your landing pages should get the attention of your target audience, get them to click on it, get them to stay on your website, and finally convince them to make the conversion.

Key Factors to Know When Optimizing Your Landing Pages

Now that you are familiar with the goal or purpose of having a landing page; to get users to act, you also need to be familiar with the six common factors that influence this process. Check them out:

Six Important Tips for Landing Page Optimization
  • Anxiety: This factor indicates the potential customer’s anxiety or concerns about your company or product.
  • Distractions: This refers to distractions that may arise during the process.
  • Clarity: The need to have a clear and unique proposal to buy a service or product on your landing page.
  • Relevance: Refers to the importance of your proposal for the client.
  • Urgency: Adherence to the five-second rule. Prevent customer from putting the purchase off until next week.
  • Proposition value: What is unique about the proposal featured on the landing page.

An Optimization Checklist of Must-Haves in Landing Pages

  • Item 1: Benefits for the customers

While it’s important to showcase the benefits of your product to your customer, make sure it’s adequately distinguished with technical specifications or features.

  • Item 2: A ‘hero’ photo or video of the product

Users are more willing to buy what they can see. Try your best to show what customers want to buy. After all, the old adage states that a picture is worth a thousand words.

  • Item 3: Testimonials and reviews

If others have something positive or constructive to say about your product or service, be sure to incorporate testimonials or even statistics that can further strengthen your selling proposition through your landing pages.

  • Item 4: Call to action buttons

Create CTA buttons that are clear, large, legible and stand out. These buttons are the final elements you can use to close a potential sale, subscription, download, etc.

  • Item 5: A showcase of recognized media, brands or people that support your company

This something like the hero shot. You have a better shot at convincing potential customers to convert when you use a person, whom your customers trust or feel identified with, to explain why they need your product or service.

  • Item 6: Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Provide ample information about your company. You need to assure that your customers’ data is safe at all times. In addition, state what guarantees you can provide for a product via the terms and conditions of the contract.

  • Item 7: Product pricing

Displaying prices on landing pages is a good way to eliminate anxieties and provide transparency. Interested parties often want to know exactly how much they are going to have to pay.

  • Item 8: Fast loading times

Landing pages that load quickly tend to get more sales. It is a fact! That’s why all media must be optimized for the web. Find out how fast your landing page or website loads.

  • Item 9: Company information and contact forms

A successful landing page is something that can provide visitors with ample information about who you are, how you can be contacted, the trajectory of your company, etc.

  • Item 10: Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

Fine tuning your sales pitch on your landing page is essential. To achieve and strengthen sales, you should communicate that pitch in parts. Try this flow: Title > Supporting Headline > Reinforcement Phrase > Closing Argument.