Protect Wealth Academy Faces Business Head On With A New Custom WordPress Website Build

Sam Chadson Ng
Sam Chadson Ng

Assistant Director of Content

custom WordPress website

SmartSites is happy to announce that Protect Wealth Academy has launched its custom WordPress website. Previously, the asset protection & wealth creation seminar organizer was making use of an outdated website design that did not adequately convey what their business can do for clients. The new website makes use of integrations with booking software to ensure that bookings for seminars and summits can be done hassle-free. 

Headquartered in Provo, UT, the team at Protect Wealth Academy comprises many of the nation’s leading attorneys and trainers in legal and financial strategies. The focus is on protecting and building wealth to ensure financial stability, which in turn gives attendees peace of mind. Some problems attendees face on a regular basis can include overpaying taxes, poor investment decisions, and more. To this end, Protect Wealth Academy provides services in a number of aspects including estate planning, income tax reduction and real estate training.

In their position as a market expert, the team at Protect Wealth Academy was aware that in order to convey professionalism and attract attendees, their online presence had to match what they have to offer. With the help of SmartSites, they were able to design a website catered towards legal services, conveying the right mix of professionalism, functionality and approachability.  With integrations for bookings and the utilization of SEO-friendly practices, the new website is a recipe for success. Below, we take a look at the individual aspects of this new launch.

Custom WordPress Website Build Incorporates an Updated Design

By choosing to utilize WordPress, Protect Wealth Academy was able to make their website look unique, standing out from those of competitors. Making use of an updated website design to enhance ease of navigation and user-friendliness, the result is a website that makes use of several high-end functionalities to great effect. Not only are their different practice areas categorized in a neat and efficient manner, but it is also easy for users to find out more information about training sessions and summits.

Integrations with Booking Software Ensure Hassle-Free Experience

When attendees book slots for training sessions, this information is automatically integrated into Protect Wealth Academy’s CRS. This makes it easy for team members to keep on top of capacity, avoid scheduling conflicts and/or overbooking, as well as improves the overall experience for customers.

SEO-Friendly Practices Promote an Influx of Organic Traffic

In order to promote an influx of organic traffic, Protect Wealth Academy has found it worthwhile to invest in national SEO and local SEO. As the team is able to offer personal consultations, it was prudent to exercise geotargeting when it comes to providing value-added services. SEO-friendly practices also encompass ensuring fast load times for graphics and animations utilized on their inner pages and optimizing these pages for mobile-responsiveness, a must-have feature in today’s digital world.

Get Your Own Custom WordPress Website

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