ProNorth Medical Positions Itself As One-Stop Shop For Healthcare Professionals With A New User-Friendly Website

Sam Chadson Ng
Sam Chadson Ng

Assistant Director of Content

user-friendly website for healthcare professionals

SmartSites is pleased to announce the launch of ProNorth Medical’s new user-friendly website for healthcare professionals who are in need of specialized medical supplies, including sutures. A big highlight of their new website is the ease of navigation which users, specifically healthcare professionals, can enjoy when searching for the sutures and supplies they need.

ProNorth Medical has been serving a wide base of medical, dental and veterinary professionals since their inception in 2011. Based in British Columbia, Canada, ProNorth Medical is committed to helping medical professionals improve patient outcomes while lowering costs. To this end, the products they source are of high quality without compromising on affordability. The team at ProNorth Medical prioritizes active customer engagement in understanding the clinical challenges faced by their clients, which will better equip them to provide cost-effective products to meet these needs.

Today, having a strong online presence is something every business needs. As ProNorth Medical has situated themselves in the unique position of market experts, selling a variety of niche medical supplies, it was important that their website matched the professionalism they can offer. One of the main focuses of this project was on ease of navigation, particularly when it comes to the way healthcare professionals can locate the specific supplies they are looking for. Below, we take a closer look into the elements that make up this exciting new website build.

Suture Supercenter Allows for Ease of Navigation

In the medical, dental and veterinary industries, specific types of sutures are used for different purposes. When shopping for sutures to stock up their healthcare establishments with, it can be a challenge to locate the exact type of suture required when items are not categorized in a user-friendly way. With the newly launched Suture Supercenter, which organizes products by profession and type, the process of locating what they need is simplified for healthcare professionals.

Full Shopify Website Redesign

In keeping up with their position as market expert, a complete Shopify website redesign was implemented. The result is a landing page that is neat and optimizes the most suitable colors, fonts and graphics to convey the mission of ProNorth Medical. With Shopify, it is easy to achieve a unique look that stands out from the competition through the many customizations and functionalities available.

CRO- and SEO-Friendly Medical & Healthcare Retail Website

Besides the differences that can be seen on the website, behind the scenes, a CRO- and SEO-friendly medical & healthcare website is being run. Making use of a mobile-friendly design to keep up with the times and include a large percentage of users who browse on mobile, this is one factor that contributes towards a search-friendly website. On top of that, local SEO is utilized to target potential clients within a specific demographic and geographical range. With conversion rate optimization (CRO), the focus is not merely on bringing in traffic, but ensuring that this traffic translates into conversion rates that generate profit.

Create Your Own User-Friendly Website for Healthcare Professionals

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