How To Promote Your Fitness Business Online

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

How To Promote Your Fitness Business Online

It can take a significant dose of determination and hard work to make sure that your fitness business is in a tip-top shape. If you are bootstrapping a small business, there is a wide variety of free or affordable online promotion solutions that you can take advantage of. Let’s find out more!

Position Your Fitness Business as a Knowledgeable and Authoritative Figure

Good advice can sometimes be life changing, especially in the fitness industry. Take this opportunity to position yourself as an authoritative figure in your field. Don’t be afraid to tap into your knowledge and experience, and offer useful advice that both existing and new clients can benefit from. Here are some options you can consider:

  • Host online Q&A sessions on your web page
  • Offer snippets of fitness advice in the form of “Quick Tips” via your Twitter account
  • Prepare newsletters with help tips and send them directly to clients
  • Be a guest blogger for other popular fitness business blogs and/or online magazines
  • Write informational articles on your blog

Consider Cross-Linking and Cross Promoting

Being easy to locate is an important aspect of running a fitness business. If you are constantly on the go and offer your services in a variety of locations, you can feature a calendar app on your website or request for your website to be included in a local community’s calendar, linking back to your website. By listing your contact details and address within local community directories, you are also improving your SEO presence. If possible, do collaborate with similar businesses in your industry by offering promotions that are mutually beneficial. You can offer a coupon from a juice bar where its business fits with your ideology and vice versa.

Aim to be the Talk of the Town

Every business can benefit from some great publicity in the form of Public Relations, social media mentions, news articles, and some good ol’ word of mouth. That’s why you should work with some local partners to generate some buzz in your own backyard. For starters, you can offer special rates or services. Ever thought of conducting free weekly fitness classes?

Utilize Strong Visuals

A rule of thumb is: A picture is worth a thousand words! If you feature strong visuals that showcase your works in a beautiful way, it is hard for your target audience to ignore you. If you are personal trainer with an impressive track record of successful fitness transformations, do not hesitate to showcase client before & after photos. You should not only feature them on your site, do share such visuals across popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and more. Apart from still images, videos also make stellar promotional tools. Of course, you do not need to shoot hours of videos. Just make shoot short snippets of your workout tips and/or killer fitness skills.

Build a Killer Website

Unfortunately, not all fitness businesses realize the importance of having a great looking website to promote their fitness business online. Your website can give your business a professional edge against your competitors. After designing a site to your specifications, make sure that you optimize it by making it SEO-friendly and mobile-friendly.