PPC Tricks To Know For Education Marketing

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

PPC Tricks To Know For Education Marketing

PPC marketing is one of the most important parts of an education business’ life cycle, and it has become a necessity to survive in today’s society. The education market is vast, with fierce competition at every corner. Let us dive into some of the PPC tricks that should be implemented for education marketing!

Don’t Always Opt for Fancy Branded Terms

Do not waste money on searches that are commonly used for converting potential leads. An expensive keyword is not a game-changer. Preferably, you should try prioritizing campaigns to get good returns. Bidding on your own terms is worth the investment, because of high CTRs, low cost and less competition.

Focus on Target Audience

This is not a weight-loss product that you can simply market to anyone. Education marketing requires targeting relevant audience, where chances of conversion are better. Any education business with tight budget need to emphasize on attracting audience that will give them profit. In some cases, targeting high school people may not be the best strategy, while in other it may be a good choice. You need to make these decisions, when planning to PPC technique.

Build Account Structure Around Specific Programs

Instead of focusing on general keywords, one should consider building his account structure around specific programs. It is one of the most important components of PPC. For any education program, be it for private schools or marketing colleges, you need relevant leads that will probably convert. This can be only done by structuring the leads around the programs offered. The biggest mistake that most businesses make is bidding on general terms like MBA or B.Tech Degree, which does not really specify anything. No one browses through a search engine looking for a graduate or associates degrees. People are more likely to Google their field of interest with terms such as Data Science, Aeronautics or an MBBS program.

Top-of-the-Funnel Research

Pulling a large pool of people into your website requires high quality top-of-the-funnel approach. It is less probable for someone to land on Google, if they are moving down the funnel. You need to focus on landing page, ad copy and keyword bidding strategy with such researchers in mind. Focus on content-rich approach, instead of directing them to an ‘apply now’ page. One should never have aggressive offerings at the very top of the funnel, since most searchers are very casual at that point.

Avoid Forcing Form Fill Outs on the Audience

The typical audience for any website comes through a search in Google or other search engines. Education marketers must be wary of the fact that leads dread the hassle of completing long forms. No one fancies filling out forms, unless you entice them to do so in a gradual manner. In today’s data driven world, it’s always good to have as much information as possible. However, it’s also imperative to know what amount of information you should be asking. Too many questions can be overwhelming for the leads, and you can end up losing most of them. Put up more specific questions that can be nurtured through content marketing, email and etc.