Our Favorite Mirasvit’s Magento Extensions

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

Our Favorite Mirasvit's Magento Extensions

Spend the whole morning browsing the internet for new extensions to enhance the user experience for your Magento website? Before you slam your laptop shut, let us reveal what we have been secretly using. Well, it’s not really a secret. Here, check out our favorite Magento extensions from Mirasvit!

Advanced SEO Suite

Mirasvit’s Advanced SEO Suite is an efficient extension and an all-inclusive SEO solution that paves the way for you to achieve better rankings in the search engines. Some of its main functions include improving the online visibility of your Magento website as well as reducing the search optimization workload. The suite offers optimization for almost everything that matters – Google Sitemaps, canonical URLs, user-friendly URLs, key phrases, and more. Advanced SEO Suite supports both the Enterprise and Community editions. This quality of comprehensiveness is one of the key factors that got us hooked to this Magento extension right away.

Sphinx Search Ultimate

Sphinx Search Ultimate offers a wonderful suite of compatible search products. Products within the package can be purchased individually as well. Here is a quick look at what the whole package has in store for users:

  • Mirasvit Search Spelling Correction
  • Mirasvit Search Autocomplete
  • Mirasvit Advanced Sphinx Search Pro

What’s more, Sphinx Search Ultimate is pretty affordable and will provide a stellar search experience for all your customers. Regardless of the amount of products you plan to feature on your website, this amazing search extension will ensure that your customers find exactly what they are looking for much faster. In addition, the extension is compatible with different devices, including mobile phones and desktops.

Full Page Cache

The Full Page Cache extension has the ability to increase sales conversions, improve website ranking, reduce the load on the server, and significantly speed up page load time. These three factors are the driving force behind your website visitors’ behavior – they can also define the success of your online store sales. Since its launch, Full Page Cache has quickly risen to becoming a 5-star extension, especially for those who own a Magento CE website. Many users have stated that they strongly recommend it to other users and have also commented that it helps websites run about 80% faster than before – we notice that too for our clients’ eCommerce sites!

Help Desk MX

Help Desk MX is very easy to install and features upgradable capabilities. Because of its attractive price tag, Help Desk MX is quickly becoming one of the top choices in the marketplace for Magento customer support extensions today. One of the things it can do is that you can use this extension to improve the relationship with your customers by opting to remove the ticket number from the message header. Your customer can then submit his or her support request in any format that suits their tastes. Other awesome benefits include two-way email parsing, ability to enclose files within an email, and track communication history in a seamless manner.

Advanced Product Feeds

The Advanced Product Feeds is another must-have extension that allows users to automatically generate product feeds for all common comparison shopping engines such as Google Product Search, Nextag.com, Shopping.com, and more. By publishing your products in comparison shopping engines, you are making the right move because it is going to attract more new buyers to your store. Some of the key features include comprehensive analytics, convenient product filter mechanisms, and more. We were using a different feed extension previously. But once we switched to Mirasvit’s Product Feed extension, boy, it was so much easier to use, and it’s a much more stable and faster option; the performance made us wished that we have used APF from the get-go!

There are other Magento extensions we are using from Mirasvit but the above-mentioned are our absolute favorites. If you need assistance in installing, configuring or customizing Mirasvit extensions, you can contact us today to find out more.