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Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

email campaigns

Email campaigns are powerful tools for e-commerce businesses to market themselves. For them to work for you, you need to first take some time in designing the campaign before drafting the emails and then deciding on who and when to send them. Having a proper email campaign strategy will reduce the chances of having your mails marked as spam, which will translate to wasted money in the long run. If you make an effort to make the email campaign effective, you will find the returns attractive even if only a few people respond positively to them. To achieve this, there are certain email design elements that you need to optimize.   

Get the Email Dimensions Right

A basic issue you should never forget is that when designing an email template, you should make sure that the dimensions are perfect. Specifically, the width of each email should render flawlessly on most email software. This means that all the content can be seen without additional or excessive scrolling. When an email template is too wide, some programs will even cut out the extra width, so that the email looks odd and may have missing information.

As a safety measure, you can use different software such as Outlook and different email service providers to see how your template renders. All you need to do is sign up for these services and then send the template to each of them. If they display correctly on all platforms, then you can be confident that all your potential customers will receive a legible email.  

Simplicity is Key

People tend to forget to keep things simple, yet this is an important way of keeping an email campaign attractive. When coming up with the campaign, choose a single message that you need to send across, and then design the templates around this. Make sure that you use all the keywords and that it takes only a few minutes for one to go through the email and understand the intended message. Remember that most people will avoid reading wordy or lengthy blocks of text.   

Your CTA Should Be Carefully Designed

The main aim of an email campaign is to get the reader to click on the call to action button in order to proceed as a buyer or subscriber. The CTA button has to be thoughtfully designed and placed on the email. Some tips include putting the button in the middle of the email template, having space around the button and designing the CTA button with contrasting colors. The point is to draw the readers’ eyes to the button so that they can easily click it. One thing to remember is to not make it too jarring in an effort to make it noticeable.

Design a Mobile Email Campaign Template

Many people access their emails on the go via their mobile devices. Your email template should be designed to be rendered properly on mobile devices as well. Having problems such as a CTA button that is too small and difficult to click on a mobile device can be frustrating, and you could lose a number of potential customers this way.