Opening The Door To An Effective Locksmith PPC Campaign

Clement Foo
Clement Foo

Digital Content Manager

Locksmith PPC Campaign

If you are in the locksmith business, you might want to consider acquiring an effective locksmith Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign to improve your online presence. Launching a PPC campaign on major search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo! can certainly help you narrow down your target audience. To accomplish an effective PPC campaign that could lead your businesses to the next level, let us share with you some tips and advice on how you can do just that!

Showcase your Locksmith Services

With PPC ads in place, you can feature your main services when putting out an ad. Instead of solely advertising your services, you can improve your locksmith ad by including promotions or a special deal. For example, you can list an ad that says “24/7 Locksmith services at 50% discount!” 

Step up your PPC Ads with Call to Action

Implementing general PPC ads might not have a significant impact on your locksmith business. You can, however, provide ads with actionable and direct messages that could relate to those who require your services. For instance, you can put out an ad that says “Unlock your car in 10minutes! We are open 24/7!”. By having a clear and concise call to action PPC ad, consumers will undoubtedly contact you during such emergencies. 

Focus on Locksmith Keywords

A PPC campaign is built around a selection of focus keywords or key phrases. It is important to determine what kind of keywords consumers tend to search for when they require locksmith services. You can research on well-known businesses that are of a similar trade to yours and find out what keywords they use regularly. 

Input your Location

To ensure that your customers get to your store or office, it is recommended to input your location in your PPC ad. For instance, you can include a ZIP code or exact location when you put out a PPC ad. Additionally, you will be able to choose the areas that can view your PPC ads. If your business appears local to consumers, you will have a higher chance of them contacting you for your locksmith services. 

Create an Optimized Website

One of the most important ways to ensure an effective PPC campaign is being utilized to its maximum potential is to have an optimized website. If you do not have an online platform, it is recommended that you start working with professional website designers and developers at SmartSites for a customized website. Additionally, having an optimized website can allow online readers to search for your services online easily. 

Develop a Responsive Website

Today, more people are using smartphones and electronic devices that allow them to browse online services on the go. Furthermore, it provides a convenient and quicker way of locating your locksmith services. For example, if a family is being locked out of their home, the only communication device they might have is their smartphone.  By having a responsive locksmith website, they will be able to view your number through the PPC ads and website on their devices instead of looking for a computer to acquire locksmith services. 

Keep up with Online Trend

PPC advertising is one of the most dominant forms of digital marketing in today’s world. Having an effective PPC campaign can benefit just about any business in the market. PPC advertising is proven to be a reliable and profitable channel for numerous businesses in various sectors. Due to the demand for online information, companies have been switching up their traditional advertising methods to modern ways. Leave the traditional methods of printing flyers, brochures, or going door to door to advertise your locksmith business and seek professional digital marketers today!

Why do Locksmiths use SmartSites for PPC Campaigns?

Experienced in managing multiple PPC accounts for locksmiths around the country, SmartSites have been providing personalized and customer-centric PPC services for many years. Equipped with state-of-the-art reporting tools and online PPC Dashboard, our team of IT professionals can help you monitor every aspect of your project to ensure an effective locksmith PPC Campaign. If you would like to receive a PPC Consultation or require any sort of IT assistance, feel free to reach us at 201-870-6000 or via email at today!