Online Marketing Tips For Electricians

Sam Chadson Ng
Sam Chadson Ng

Assistant Director of Content

Online Marketing for Electricians

If you’re established in the business, you likely consider yourself a good electrician. But how are your electrician marketing skills? You probably have a passion for your craft, and base your business on your experience, high-quality services, etc. So how is business lately? How long have you been established? Many small businesses don’t even make it to the two-year anniversary mark. Only about 34%, in fact. About 50% of those make it to 5 years. But with the right online marketing for electricians, your electrical business stands a better chance of lasting and thriving.

The Importance of Online Marketing for Electricians

Today, if it isn’t online, it doesn’t exist. When people aren’t on their laptops, they are on their iPads or other comparable device. When they’re not on those, they are on their smart phones. The Internet is accessible to everyone virtually everywhere – and access it they do! With that in mind, what can you do as an electrician to digitally improve your business and increase your customers?

Here are some of the best suggestions we’ve gathered from the experts in digital marketing:

Intelligence Reporting and Call Trafficking

To figure out whether or not any of the below-stated suggestions are working, you will need to utilize intelligence reporting and tracking. To track how many website visitors you convert and what strategies of digital marketing brought them to your website, tracking can be done through Google Analytics. Granted, phone calls are big part of your business. So, to figure out which of the marketing strategies you’re using didn’t and did produce phone calls, proper intelligence reporting and tracking must be executed. An analytics team is invaluable here.

Online Generation and Management of Reviews

Nowadays, before a consumer buys something or contracts a service, or even visits a store, they frequently seek out online reviews. A bad review can be as damaging as a good review can be beneficial. It’s the old word-of-mouth way of marketing. It’s just kicked up a notch with Nextdoor, Yelp, Google, and the like. Here are a few online review stats:

  • Customers who admit to trusting a local business more if they see a positive review – 72%
  • Those who view reviews online as, more or less, a personal recommendation – 88%
  • Customers who are admittedly influenced by reviews online and make purchases accordingly – 90%

Clearly, with those significant percentages, you need to make sure that, as an electrician, your digital marketing is present and current.

Using an Electrician Marketing Strategy for Customer Service

With digital videos and more, an average of 15 hours per week is spent by United States Internet users. Next year, it is imagined that about 82% of all Internet traffic will consist of videos. You could enjoy a 15% organic traffic increase through videos. You could realize an 80% increase in conversion rates with a landing page that includes a video. What kinds of videos are we referring to? Here are a few types:

  • Videos that introduce your technicians and yourself.
  • Videos that show installation processes, complicated electrical concepts, and help to break them down with animation.
  • Videos that take common, typical customer questions and answer them in easy to understand terms.
  • Videos that feature customer testimonials (reviews, experiences).
  • Videos about your company profile (why you exist, who you are).

Email Marketing

For reoccurring business and to bring new business in, a reliable and inexpensive method is through email marketing. Put together a contact list and see to it that emails go out to the contacts on a regular basis. It can be challenging to get people to open them, but that’s another strategy entirely.

Using LinkedIn, Facebook, and Other Social Media Electrician Marketing

In general, a significant presence on social media can do the following:

  • Help you own more online real estate
  • Assist you with growing your brand
  • Be helpful in matters of customer service, and more

Nearly everyone is, at the very least, familiar with social media outlets such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. – if not actively participating. In fact, LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social media/business media sites in existence today. If you don’t have a LinkedIn account, it’s high time to start one. It can increase your web audiences’ buying power, generate more commercial clients, and helps drive business decisions.

Electrical contractors can also benefit greatly from Facebook ads. Whether you’re looking for particular post engagement, Facebook page “likes”, or more website clicks, a powerful Facebook page, posts, and ads are invaluable.

Local Google Service Ads

When it comes to online marketing for electricians, Google local service ads can help generate leads and customers. When it comes to people looking for local home services, what’s at the top of the search result list? Pay per lead ads.

In a nutshell, a list of electrical services offered by your company are selected (provided you qualify for the Google guarantee). Your ad is eligible for showing when those services are sought by someone through search media criteria. Google rankings are important in today’s online world. How your electrician’s ad will rank can be determined by the following factors:

  • Your hours of business
  • Your responsiveness to the individuals that communicate with you (or one of your representatives) as a result of (or with the use of) these ads
  • Your number of reviews and Google My Business rating
  • The proximity of your company to the user

PPC Electrician Marketing

PPC stands for pay per click. Here are the basics of its functionality:

For each time an electrical advertiser’s ad is clicked, they pay a fee. Rather than trying to organically earn visits by Internet users, it’s a way of “buying visits” to the electrician’s site. One of the most popular types of PPC is search engine advertising.

High-Quality Content Marketing

This is a pretty all-inclusive category and consists of any of the following:

  • Download guides
  • Infographics
  • E-books
  • Videos
  • Blogs
  • And anything else that you choose to include on your website

Here are some statistics:

After reading and electrician’s custom content…

  • Individuals who feel a closer connection to accompany – 70%
  • People who have a more positive outlook of the electrician – 82%

As a content marketing strategy is implemented the quality of leads and lead number go up for an electrician’s company an average of 74% of the time.

Note: Current, updated blogs should be a regular part of posting on your website. These are informative, entertaining, and encourage visits to your site.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Electricians

This is the process of altering your code and the content of your website to assist with the understanding as to what your page/site is about. Why does this matter? For specific search queries, it assists with higher webpage ranking.

Even if, years ago, you think you optimized your website for search engines, thanks to changes over the years, it should be updated again. Even if you updated as recently as 2015, changes need to be made.

Local SEO and general online marketing for electricians help drive growth. Your name, address, and phone number (NAP) citations needs to be optimized across the Internet in order for you to be viewable in local listings. Boosting your rankings in an area where you are not located isn’t impossible, but it can be a challenge. Consult with the experts on how to do this (see the bottom of this posting).

A Phenomenal Web Design For an Electrician

To find local services, how many consumers do you think go online? The answer is 97%. You can see why, when it comes to company interaction, your website is probably the first chance people will have. Here are a couple more statistics regarding the importance of having an impressive company website:

  • People are 88% less likely to pay your website another visit if they have a bad experience on your site.
  • Based on the design of a website, 75% of visitors judged the credibility of a company.
  • In accessing a company’s credibility, 40% of website visitors say that their site is a top contributing factor.

So, yes, a stellar website is essential in order for your electrician business to strive. Your website needs to:

  • Provide an enjoyable user experience.
  • Be fast.
  • Be secure.
  • Be mobile friendly.
  • Be visible.

Your final reasons for developing an incredible, speedy, and versatile website:

  • If you have a mobile site that is poorly designed, people are 57% less likely to recommend you.
  • A mobile device was used in 61% of electrician searches.
  • 40% of site visitors will look to another site if their inquiry isn’t answered/found within three seconds.
  • It takes under half a second for a site visitor to form an opinion once your page loads.

Need Help with SCO, PPC, Website Development, Etc.?

Whether you’re an electrician or involved in some other career, knowledge of digital marketing is an absolute must today. Could you use a little help in that category? Let us be of assistance. Contact Smartsites today for more information.